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Stepping Out Of The Drama

Being part of a blended family can be challenging at times. The more people you add into any group, the more likely you are to have personality conflicts and disagreements. As a therapist and a middle child, I tend to be extra sensitive to tension in the relationships around me. Sometimes, that extra empathy ...

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Waiting With Intention

For those who don't know, both of my children were adopted. There are many different paths towards adoption. For us, the path that made most sense was domestic, open adoption. In a nutshell, this means that we hooked up with an adoption agency, developed a website touting our wonderfulness and waited for a ...

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Divorced & Parenting? Even Your Quiet Kids Need TLC

Recently I spent time with my sweet fourteen-year-old niece whose parents have divorced and remarried. Seeing my niece brought up a lot of thoughts and feelings about when I was a young girl trying to navigate between the two different worlds and cultures of my mom's house versus my Read More

9 Tips For Parents When Their Kid Needs Surgery

Waiting...... while your young child is wheeled back into surgery is a nail-biting, soul-crunching experience. Most parents don't get it. Most kids float through childhood without even a hint of needing surgery. And if you tell a parent of one of those kids — the uber-healthy ones — that your ...

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When Mother's Day Is Hard

Mother's Day is not always as pretty as a Hallmark card. In fact, for many of us out there, Mother's Day is a drop (or a tsunami) of sad or mad mixed together. If you have experienced loss or infertility on your path to motherhood or are still waiting desperately, you know what I am talking about. For ...

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Traci Pirri

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Marriage/Couples Counselor


Sex Educator

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Wellness Coach

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Articles by Traci Pirri
Trouble In Paradise

Stepping Out Of The Drama

Walking the line between supportive and overly involved in family drama can be tough.

Waiting with Intention

Waiting With Intention

Whether you are waiting to adopt or for the relationship of your dreams, waiting can be HARD.


Divorced & Parenting? Even Your Quiet Kids Need TLC

Parenting after a divorce can be tough, but even the quiet kids need attention.

sad mom

9 Tips For Parents When Their Kid Needs Surgery

Here's a survival kit for making it through with your sanity intact.

When Mother's Day Is Hard

Infertility, adoption, and loss can make Mother's Day hard, but it doesn't have to steal the joy.

Traci Pirri

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