The Tiger on Trial


Wow, the media is having a scandalous blast with the marriage infidelities of Tiger Woods.
I flipped through the pages of a recent US Weekly whose headlines
pointed to Elin Nordegren's distress and confusion over what to do
next. Did they have any quotes from the source? No, of course not.

I read that she's moving out, and hear that he's taking at least a year
off of the golf circuit... honestly, I just wish the media would lay
the hell off and give this couple a chance to work things out together
whichever way they choose to go.


I feel sorry for them both. In my opinion, nether one is the bad-guy in
this situation. Admittedly, I have no idea what went on in the privacy
of their home and hearts - AND NEITHER DO YOU.

It's easy to project our own history and experiences, to fill in what
we don't know with what we suspect, or with what makes sense given the
little that we've heard, but we don't know the full truth, neither does
ANYONE at this point, and I think the popular media is giving them the
short end of the stick... and beating them with it.

End tirade. Begin sensible feedback. If they were my clients, here's where we'd start...

a lot of cleaning up to do here. Lies have been told, expectations
unfulfilled, agreements broken, and the word "betrayed" likely applies
to Elin's emotional perception. First, I think that Tiger needs to come
clean with Elin and tell her the whole truth - every ugly, hurtful,
unpleasant kernel. The more details that remain to show up unexpectedly
and surprise her, the worse it gets for them both. Coughing it up
now is the best thing he can do.

hardest part (or one of them) would be for Elin to listen to what he
has to say without storming out of the room in an emotional backlash.
But once she knows it all,
she knows it all, and there's no longer anything else to fear. That is a very powerful place to stand, and I'd suggest that she grab it.

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