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Women dealing with financial stress

Women dealing with financial stress

Shame will keep you small

Monique was already in her mid-60s when we met. She was born during World War II, and her father was stationed overseas. She was a first child, born to a mother who already had been damaged by her own…

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Shame and Chaos will hold you back financially

Anne could not do one of the traditional steps necessary to be taken seriously in business: order business cards. Sounds simple, doesn’’t it? But it took her four months. She also could not get life insurance for her family.…

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My checkbook and I are now best friends....

I am forty-four years old and had never balanced my checkbook until now.

When I got married six years ago, my husband and I never discussed money; I just made certain assumptions about what he would provide and what I would…

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Now I, not my fears, control my life

Pegi's program is amazing.  Well, really, it's Pegi that is amazing.  Her program is just a structure through which she can share her brilliant guidance and insights into people.

What I absolutely love about working with Pegi is that if you're…

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The Drive For Perfection Will Rob Your Ability To Be Authentic


Tanya’’s drive for perfection bordered on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). She came from a family that was very sports-focused and less attentive to her personal needs. She was extremely competitive in soccer, basketball, and softball, and won constantly.

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Life Coach

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Articles by Pegi Burdick
Marriage: Deal With Money Problems In Your Marriage

Money Trouble? 8 Ways To Keep Your Marriage In The Black

Why less money doesn’t have to mean more problems.

Marriage: I Was Married To A Depressed Man

Married To Depression: Why I Stayed As Long As I Did

He was depressed and I was unsatisfied.

Parenting Advice: How To Raise Happy And Healthy Kids

Don’t Be Your Mother: How To Raise Happy And Healthy Kids

Have an unhappy childhood? Raise your kids better.

Life Coach: Why Financial Secrets Are Bad For Relationships

You And Your Financial Secrets: Why Faking It Won't Work Anymore

Hiding your debts from your partner has an expiration date.


The Upside Of Anger

Sometimes, bringing your old angers into your new relationship can be a good thing.

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