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You And Your Financial Secrets: Why Faking It Won't Work Anymore

One of the benefits of having a pre-martial chat about money is that one walks into the commitment feeling 'clean'; no secrets, no worrying at 3AM because you have debts you never told your partner about and they are looming up. Money issues bring up a wheel barrel of issues including shame, fear ...

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The Upside Of Anger

Bringing your pre-relationship Anger ‘luggage' into your marriage can sometimes be a positive thing, believe it or not. Have you noticed, everyone is becoming edgier, crankier? Lately, I have been noticing at an alarming rate of increase, people around me, on the streets, driving, standing on ...

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Is Your Emotional Isolation Destroying Your Relationship?

People often confuse loneliness with isolation. When pressed, most people struggle with the difference and end up asking me to explain. There are three levels of isolation. They are:  People are physically separated or have minimal contact with others. People interact on a more personal level ...

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Can I Get A Prenup After Marriage?

Everyone needs a prenup, so this should not be negotiable. This should be like your blood test; everyone benefits from it. Forewarned is forearmed. Everyone needs stability, predictability and couples are entitled to count on each other in marriage for support, loyalty and fidelity. Women need to feel safe. ...

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Cheating & Your Finances: What You Need To Know

What's the biggest issue for partners? Staying 100 percent faithful to your spouse. When I think about infidelity and how it impacts a marriage's financial situation, my first reaction is: Where is the pre-nup? Unfortunately, most people don't get a pre-nup because they are afraid to ...

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Articles by Pegi Burdick
Life Coach: Why Financial Secrets Are Bad For Relationships

You And Your Financial Secrets: Why Faking It Won't Work Anymore

Hiding your debts from your partner has an expiration date.


The Upside Of Anger

Sometimes, bringing your old angers into your new relationship can be a good thing.

Personal Development Coach: How To Be Authentic In Your Marriage

Is Your Emotional Isolation Destroying Your Relationship?

Do you sometimes feel as if you're alone in your relationship?

Can I Get A Prenup After Marriage?

Can I Get A Prenup After Marriage?

It's never too late to have the money chat, even after you have married.

Infidelity And Your Finances

Cheating & Your Finances: What You Need To Know

How to protect yourself if your partner has been unfaithful.

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