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Through my personal journey from financial ruin to recovery, I have become an expert in teaching women how to separate their emotions from their money. My motto is, ‘’you need to live it to teach it’’ is the organic basis for the sometimes unexpected methodology I employ to guide people from financial chaos to self-respect and control. My tips and tools amaze people with their simplicity and forever effectiveness.

If you are struggling to make sense of your financial situation, I can help you.  All too often we miss the hidden connection between money and our feelings. I am here to help guide and teach you. It's complicated at times, but I know the way out.

My mission is simple: help women to understand their emotional pain around money and then they can release the pattern of poor decisions and sabotaging behaviors that keep women broke, with a closet full of shoes and a sinking feeling of helplessness around their finances.  You can change this pattern (and get a few new pairs of shoes in the process)!

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The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

When I experienced the difference between enabling and teaching, my life shifted. The classic story of buying a man dinner versus teaching him how to fish, rang loudly in my head as I listened to so many women come to me with their money woes wanting help.

Experiencing my metamorphous of depression and feeling powerless to becoming powerful, taught me that I could be the bridge in someone’s life; taking them from where they stood to where they wanted to be standing. I had the intuition and clarity that they lacked.

They only knew the darkness and lived in the shadows.

I had the flashlight.

I could help someone save their own life as I had saved mine.

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Success Stories

Now I, not my fears, control my life

Pegi's program is amazing.  Well, really, it's Pegi that is amazing.  Her program is just a structure through which she can share her brilliant guidance and insights into people.

What I absolutely love about working with Pegi is that if you're willing to get down and dirty and do the work, it really moves quickly.  This is no on-the-couch-for-years uncovering layers and layers of "stuff" therapy.  She literally cuts right down to the heart of the matter with razor-like precision to expose what is holding you back in all areas of your life.  And you see that it's the same thing that's holding you back in every area.

What makes the whole process palpable and doable is that Pegi has a GREAT sense of humor, incredible compassion, and she creates a very open, non-judgmental safe space in which to TRULY be your real self.  This really accelerates the process.

I have figured out conundrums that I've been trying to figure out my entire adult life, like how come I can never commit to a diet-and-exercise program for myself?  We all know exactly what we need to do to be healthy, but there's a part of us that chooses not to do it.  We think it's willpower and discipline, but it's not.  I now completely, thoroughly and clearly understand why I could never make these commitments, and now I consciously, happily choose to make very different decisions in each moment of my day, decisions that support me really taking care of myself and being happy.  How valuable and mindblowing is that?!!!

Up until now, my life has felt completely out of control.  I've been living in a state of always being overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities of being a small business owner, a wife, a mother of two toddlers, and the one in charge of the household, and now it's clear how I can manage all of this.

Creating the life that I want and see for myself doesn't feel like such a mystery anymore.  I feel like I'm in the driver's seat and I'm very happy to be moving forward intelligently, with much excitement, confidence and passion.

Thank you, Pegi!

Colleen Mihelich

Founder & Creative Director

My checkbook and I are now best friends....

I am forty-four years old and had never balanced my checkbook until now.

When I got married six years ago, my husband and I never discussed money; I just made certain assumptions about what he would provide and what I would contribute. 

I knew I had "money" issues but never wanted anyone to see them.  When I had been working as a single woman, I made a lot of money and lived a very high lifestyle.  Now that I am a mother, my lifestyle is quite different and at times scary.

Taking The Financial Whisperer® workshop helped me confront what I had been hiding my whole life.

I never realized that my childhood totally controls my adult life.  The changes I have been able to make as a result of Pegi's worksho are life-altering. They have been profound for me.  I feel I have control over making choices that are healthy for my family and me and have reduced the daily stress and anxiety over not having enough savings, not enough assets in a safe place, and how to stop sabotaging myself in reaching my goals.

Pegi is brilliant, spot on with her analysis, and creates a comfortable environment in which women can share sensitive issues and not feel shamed.  She is funny, charming and totally in the moment when you are talking with her. I had never met someone who was so right all of the was comforting.


Sophie B. Hakim

Los Angeles

The Drive For Perfection Will Rob Your Ability To Be Authentic


Tanya’’s drive for perfection bordered on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). She came from a family that was very sports-focused and less attentive to her personal needs. She was extremely competitive in soccer, basketball, and softball, and won constantly.

She connected the accolades with affection, but the focus was on her accomplishments, not on her attempts and not having fun. As a result, she always felt empty. Winning became everything.

As she got older she became uncomfortable with short men. When I met Tanya, she was dating a man she was absolutely crazy about, but could not take him seriously because he was shorter than she was. ““Not marriage material,”” she told me.

We were able to piece together that his being shorter created this pedestal feeling inside her. His looking up to her literally made her feel as if he could not see her clearly, so she could not trust that he could really see her for who she was inside, only the outside packaging. She seemed to relate this to the trophies in her bedroom, something that was about her, an event, not something about who she was.

Understanding that piece of the puzzle freed the monster in her closet. She is now engaged to him, and wears three-inch heels when they go out.

Shame and Chaos will hold you back financially


Anne could not do one of the traditional steps necessary to be taken seriously in business: order business cards. Sounds simple, doesn’’t it? But it took her four months. She also could not get life insurance for her family. She just got health insurance two years ago. She is 39 years old with two children, and her internal engine could not ““trespass”” arenas that appeared adult-like without permission. So she appeared to be a procrastinator. And she was. But why?

She grew up in a home with no boundaries, no model for self-respect, and with parents who themselves were wrapped up in shame and a lot of chaos. Her father was overly controlling, which undermined her confidence, and yet, he was permissive about other parts of their lives. This was very confusing for a young child. Anne’’s monster in her closet was her father.

Anne was confident about giving her own children boundaries and support. When she looked in the mirror at her external choices versus her internal feelings, she was able to start with baby steps, pushing herself forward to procrastinate less and feel good about checking things off her daily list of tasks. Ordering business cards was at the top.

Because the fears that held her back were ingrained by the time she was five years old, and now manifested themselves in avoiding keeping commitments to herself, taking baby steps helped her feel less afraid of moving forward. She was able to tackle and complete tasks, and then scratch them off her list.

What baby step can you take today to help you feel that you’’re moving forward?

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