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Through her personal journey from financial ruin to recovery, Pegi has become an expert in teaching women how to separate their emotions from their money. Her motto is, ‘’you need to live it to teach it’’ is the organic basis for the sometimes unexpected methodology she employs to guide people from financial chaos to self-respect and control. Her tips and tools amaze people with their simplicity and forever effectiveness.

If you are struggling to make sense of your financial situation, Pegi can help you.  All too often we miss the hidden connection between money and our feelings. Pegi is here to help guide and teach. 

Her mission is simple: help women to understand their emotional pain around money and then they can release the pattern of poor decisions and sabotaging behaviors that keep women broke, with a closet full of shoes and a sinking feeling of helplessness around their finances.  You can change this pattern (and get a few new pairs of shoes in the process)!

To learn a little about Pegi...

Her life unraveled in 2006 as she was leaving the mortgage industry, a husband of 11 years, and her home. The path she found and tools she created to save her life is the subject of her book now on and on her site: It’s NEVER About The Money…Even When It Is.

In Pegi's Words ... My Journey

My passion to teach and help others really started when I was nine years old, trying to teach our dog Clancy the subtraction tables as she lay on my parents queen sized bed, droll as she was, bored as she appeared, her desire for another cookie kept her hopes high as she gazed at me. It was then that I understood the power of teaching;

I felt in those moments a sense of completeness and competence that did not require validation from anyone else, even Clancy.

That desire to teach blossomed when I was Vice President of National Sales for a knitwear company owned by a woman and staffed by women. Its client base was all females.  It was in this environment that I could create and teach new marketing models and guide our diverse sales staff from around the country, to convert the sales models into tractable, profitable matrices.

I began to understand the unique intricacies of how women communicate, grow, and interact with each other. It was the then that I committed myself to teaching women how to get control over themselves and regain their inherent power.

Unresolved financial conflicts between the owner and the management team frustrated me, and I left for a more sane, predictable environment, unsure what that would be, but I was comfortable trying new things and was open to anything that made sense.

I became a mortgage broker. I specialized in bankruptcy buy-outs and chose to focus on helping women.

As I learned the business, I was amazed at the ways in which so many women had mismanaged their finances. The trusting relationships I developed with these women also afforded me much deeper insight into the intimate details of their lives, and I learned that many of them were coming out of abusive relationships. They were burdened with house payments they couldn't afford, and had children to feed, but were not receiving financial support from their estranged husbands.

The stories and the struggles of my clients inspired me to develop the concept for a business, Home Loans For Women. The company strived to help those women keep their homes and repair their finances, and 5% of the net profit went to support organizations that helped victims of domestic abuse.

My observations combined with many years of prior business experience, armed
me with the knowledge, skills and passion to create The Financial Whisperer®.

Find more about mediators here.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

When I experienced the difference between enabling and teaching, my life shifted. The classic story of buying a man dinner versus teaching him how to fish, rang loudly in my head as I listened to so many women come to me with their money woes wanting help.

Experiencing my metamorphous of depression and feeling powerless to becoming powerful, taught me that I could be the bridge in someone’s life; taking them from where they stood to where they wanted to be standing. I had the intuition and clarity that they lacked.

They only knew the darkness and lived in the shadows.

I had the flashlight.

I could help someone save their own life as I had saved mine.

Pegi Burdick

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