What are our members saying about YourTango Experts?

Dr. Diana Kirschner, Psychologist, Author

Membership in YourTango Experts has made me an important part of the YourTango.com family. They have featured my dating and love advice articles and helped to make my book, Love in 90 Days, a bestseller!

Dr. Amy Johnson, Psychologist, Relationship Coach

YourTango Experts has exceeded my very high expectations. The staff are delightful to work with. As well, it's an easy way to get an excellent exposure and publicity. I can wholeheartedly recommend using YourTango Experts.

Evan Marc Katz, Dating Coach

I've had an amazing experience with YourTango Experts. The site is extremely user-friendly and it was incredibly easy for me to post material, client success stories, or links to influential books. Plus YourTango has been extremely generous with its support staff - making it clear, every step of the way - that they really want us to succeed on here. I've partnered with a number of content sites, but I've never had a better experience than I have in the few months I've been using YourTango Experts.

Elisabeth LaMotte, Counselor/Therapist, Social Worker, Author, Speaker/Presenter, Sex Therapist

Private practice can be isolating, and psychotherapists do not tend to have opportunities to take advantage of the internet. YourTango Experts offers an incredible avenue through which like-minded professionals can connect with one another and with countless interested parties in order to enhance our practice and expand our network. YourTango Experts is a marvelous venue through which psychotherapists of every theoretical school can work together to make each others' professional reach broader, and more interesting.