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Teresa Maples (CMAT,CSAT,LMHC)


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Inspired Women Succeed

God did it for these forty women. He can do it for you too.Diane Cunningham and Jo Ann Fore have crafted a Chicken Soup for the Soul®-spirited book that takes readers on an inspirational journey; a journey which teaches women how to entrust the hard spots of life to a sovereign God who has a plan.Inspired Women Succeed is a book of courage and hope. You will ...

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Wired for Love: How Understanding Your Partner's Brain and Attachment Style Can Help You Defuse Conflict and Build a Secure Relationship

"What the heck is my partner thinking?" is a common refrain in romantic relationships, and with good reason. Every person is wired for love differently, with different habits, needs, and reactions to conflict. The good news is that most people's minds work in predictable ways and respond well to security, attachment, and rituals, making it possible to ...

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Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction

We recommend Partrick Carne's Out of the Shadows..to every sex addict and codependent we treat.. This (bookprovides) a tremendously powerful experience, helping bothsex addicts and codependents realize that they are not aloneand not destined to eternally be at the mercy of the disease. Dr. Ralph Earle and Dr. Gregory Crow, Lonely All the Time "Out of the Shadows ...

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No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction

In this book Marnie C. Ferree offers a unique resource for women struggling with sexual addiction. Taking her book's title from the parable where Jesus extends grace to the woman caught in adultery, Ferree bravely shares her own story of sexual addiction, recalling her years of shame from living a double life and the moment when she ultimately had to tell the ...

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Mending a Shattered Heart: A Guide for Partners of Sex Addicts

The media goes wild when politicians and celebrities being caught “cheating” on their spouses are exposed in public. Most of these types of stories focus on the person doing the “cheating”, not the partner who is left behind. After the media spotlight cools down, what happens to these partners? How do they make the decision to stay or go? Is there really any hope ...

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Deceived: Facing Sexual Betrayal Lies and Secrets

  Pornography, cybersex, prostitutes, voyeurism, multiple affairs. No matter the 'drug' of choice, men who act out sexually leave their partners reeling in fear, rage, incredible shame, and isolation. Deceived was written expressly to help these women better understand what is happening in their lives, garner validation for their experiences, and find a path that ...

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Teresa Maples

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Couples/Marital Issues

Infidelity / Affair Recovery

Sex Addiction



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10 years +

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Family Coach

Life Coach

Marriage Educator

Marriage/Couples Counselor

Relationship Coach

Sex Therapist

Wellness Coach

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Expiration 10/25/14
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Articles by Teresa Maples
Sex: How To Improve Your Sex Life For Your Relationship

5 Signs You're Bored Of Your Sex Life...And How To Fix It

Don't be afraid to tell your husband you're bored of sex. An affair is MUCH worse.

What To Do If He Is Addicted To Sex In Porn

Is He Addicted To Porn? 8 Ways To Help Him

What porn does to his brain — and what you can do to stop it.

Marriage: How Eye Contact Improves Marriage

Want A Better Marriage? Look At Each Other

This simple exercise will help you improve eye contact with your partner.

Sex: What To Do If You Are Married To A Sex Addict

Married To A Sex Addict? 14 Signs That They Are Recovering

Know if the sex addict in your life is on the road to recovery

Mature Love

10 Tips To Create True Emotional Connection With Your Partner

Build safety and security into your relationship by focusing on emotions.

Teresa Maples

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ADD/ADHD, Addiction, Alcohol Dependency/ Addiction, Anxiety Issues, Codependency, Communication Problems, Control Issues, Couples/Marital Issues, Dating/Being Single Support, Depression, Divorce/Divorce Prevention, Empowering Women, Family Support, Grief, Loss, & Bereavement, Health/Wellness, Identity Issues, Infidelity / Affair Recovery, Internet Addiction, Life Management, Life Transitions, Marriage, Other, Parenting, Post Traumatic Stress / Trauma, Self-Esteem, Sex Addiction, Sexuality, Stress Management, Trust Issues, Wellness