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Articles by Tara Kennedy-Kline
Parenting Tips For Photos Of Children Online

Are We Too Sensitive When It Comes to Kid Photos Online?

Parents need to start minding their own business.

upset child

The Top 12 Things Your Kids Think About Your Divorce

It may be an "adult" situation, but the kids are very aware of what's going on.

Parenting Advice: Rachel Canning

I May Be The Only Adult Who Wants Rachel Canning To Succeed

Is it a child's right or privilege to receive tools for an education?

Homosexuality: Being Gay, Sex And The Sochi Olympics

The Olympics Are Here … Let's Talk About Sex!

Know what doesn't matter about this year's winter games? Your sexual orientation.

Don't Complain About What you Permit or Create

Don't Complain About What you Permit or Create

It struck me not to long ago, that I am in complete control of every outcome I experience in life.

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