What Gay Marriage Can Teach Us About Sex


What Gay Marriage Can Teach Us About Sex
There's a reason why gay couples don't understand the movie "Hope Springs."

I had a friend recently ask me if I'd seen the movie with Meryl Streep called Hope Springs. Meryl and her husband, played by Tommy Lee Jones, are in dire need of couples counseling and go to love guru, Steve Carell. I haven't seen the movie, to be totally honest.

You'd think I would have: I'm a couple’s therapist and a sexologist.  I also lead intensives for couples; apparently very similar to the one Steve Carell led for Meryl and Tommy in this movie. Maybe I'm avoiding it because it sounds too much like work. Or home.


Presumably the movie is "a funny and insightful look" into the lives of two people trying to regain their romantic footing after 31 years of marriage. A lot of my friends said they liked the movie, they said it was heartwarming and sweet. And that they could relate. 

My friend was confused. My friend is a guy, and he's gay. He said to me, "Ok, presumably the movie is 'a funny and insightful look' into the lives of two people trying to regain their romantic footing after 31 years of marriage, right?"

Because I haven't seen the movie, I admit I don't know if it's funny and insightful. But he is really asking me because I am a sex expert. He wants my expert opinion. 

"Is this how straight couples really act?" He asked. Keep reading ...

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