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A Moment of Silence

A Moment of Silence

Sometimes in the middle of daily life we are reminded to give thanks.

As I started packing to head home from vacation, I flipped on the news. After a week of dancing, competition, pool time, dancing, more pool time and more dancing, it was a shock to find myself watching on the ground footage of a major firefight in Afghanistan. For more than five hours, American soldiers were pinned down. Seven medi-vac units went in with one pilot being shot mid-flight. Final toll as of airing…6 Dead, 7 Wounded.

It reminded me that each day, I am able to do what I love ~ both my coaching and my personal passions ~ because others serve our country. Each day as I put my heart into everything I do, they go to the ultimate extreme of putting their lives on the line.

Mid-video, one of the soldiers remarks to the ABC film crew that without them being there to capture the story, the world wouldn’t know what they are facing. They know. Their families have an idea. For those of us who do not have people close to us currently in harm's way, it is sometimes easy to forget that dedicated American military men and women are making sacrifices I can barely imagine.

They leave behind family, friends and communities so all of us can live more safely. I do not know enough about the politics of war to judge. As I am sure is true for most people, I would prefer to live in a world free of violence, hatred, war and pain. Until that is a reality, however, I will support those who risk their lives on our behalf.

It is easy to get caught up in our own challenges and the crazy pace of life. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge others for the difference they are making. I shut off the television in that moment and took time to send thanks and prayers for their safe return. 


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