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Ramp Up Your Sexy

Nothing is so riveting, so attractive, so exciting than to be with someone who is being their sexy self. What I mean is, they are being the very person that they truly are. They are NOT hiding who they are, not judging who they are, and not constricting who they are. They are just BEING. To illustrate what ...

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The Nasty Little Habit You Need To Break

I have noticed that people are self-reflecting a lot these days. They are asking themselves who they are with respect to their relationships, jobs, money and even their health. This is actually very good, however, why are they still in so much emotional and even physical pain? It's judgment. Judgment is ...

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How Meditation Can Help You Find Love

How much of your life do you spend receiving? Most of us only take in about 10% of what is available to us. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are the lower vibration of true receiving. And it's your thoughts, feelings and emotions that can actually block you from what you most want - love. To receive is to ...

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5 Tips For A Better Love Life

I want to share with you an interaction that I had with a client recently. I'll call her Tessie. When I started working with her, she shared a story of heartbreak, agony and unhappiness. Tessie told me that her ex-husband was responsible for her current level of mistrust of men. She blamed her ...

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Committed To Finding Love? 6 Tips To Help You Meet 'The One'

I've been hearing a lot of people lately tell me that they are waiting for love. The single people are saying, "I am waiting for love to come to me." The ones in relationships are saying, "I am waiting for my partner to change so love will come," or "I am waiting for our love to ...

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Articles by Tamara Green
In Bed

Ramp Up Your Sexy

Confidence really is sexy.

How To Be Happy: Why You Need To Stop Being Judgmental

The Nasty Little Habit You Need To Break

Sometimes we can be our own worse enemy.

Happy Couple Laughing

How Meditation Can Help You Find Love

You must first open up and take down the walls that prevent you from receiving.

Angry Wife, Happy Husband Watching Football

5 Tips For A Better Love Life

Don't be afraid to have high expectations.

Love Advice: 6 Tips For Helping You Find Love

Committed To Finding Love? 6 Tips To Help You Meet 'The One'

The secrets to achieving a deeply fulfilling love life is all up to you.

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