Dating & Relationship Advice: Red Flag Awareness!


Dating & Relationship Advice: Red Flag Awareness!
Relationship Red Flags are warning signs that should make your intuitive antenna stand to attention!

This topic may seem like a never ending & repetitive discussion amongst men & women today but there is a reason for that!  Many people continue to ignore those spidey senses or better known as their gut intuition. We all want a relationship so badly that we will overlook so many of the obvious obstacles.

People are more willing to settle now due to the difficulty in meeting a potential partner today. We are all stuck behind our careers, computers & smart phones which makes it harder to have face to face connections. (Speed dating is once again becoming a popular source of interaction due to this dilemma.)


The 10 Most Obvious Red Flags Not To Be Overlooked In The Early Stages Of A Relationship:

  1. Possessiveness!
  2. When someone says they are going to call & don’t.
  3. They are always late (in other words they view their time as more important.)
  4. Lying (about their age, job, their single status, or their past.)
  5. Laziness on a personal & physical level or the inability to hold a job.
  6. They have no friends or talk negatively about the few they do have.
  7. They have a large checklist!
  8. They do not divulge any personal information about themselves.
  9. They constantly promote themselves & ask little about you.
  10. Extremely defensive & invalidates your opinions or views.

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Red Flags:

  • Someone who make excuses why they are too busy to get together when the real reason is ~ they just aren't that into you but want to keep their options open.
  • They pick a fight with you so they can go to Vegas or other weekend ventures with their friends.
  • You recieve phone calls for late night booty calls.
  • They call you last minute for a date on a Friday/Saturday ~ were you the last choice?
  • Still living at home with mama after 25 & they are not in University.
  • They are constantly jealous. (This is usually because of what they are doing or thinking behind your back.)
  • They regularly use humor at your expense. This is a huge sign of insecurity and you should run as fast as you can. No one should use you as their means of so called humor.
  • Ladies: If your date shows up with a station wagon and car seats, make sure he really is single!
  • Constantly talking about an EX.
  • Easily angered all the time, abusive to restaurant staff or has road rage on a regular basis.
  • Men: Gold diggers are pretty obvious, so make sure she is worth every penny of your reputation! You may think you look good with her on your arm but the whole world knows why she is there. (If that is OK with you, milk it for every cent it is going to cost you!)
  • People who say they are separated but you can't call them at work or home, & you never get to go to their place. (They communicate through texting & when you do get a phone call they sound like they are in the shower ~ bathrooms are a cheaters favorite location)
  • If they tell you their relationship is over but they can't leave their situation, they are weak.
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