Dating 101


Dating 101
Why complicate the dating scene when it's easy as 1,2,3?

Men make a lot of mistakes when dating. They have to remember women are like flowers and need to be watered everyday with kindness and appreciation. Women also don’t want to hear stories of your past relationships. If there’s any negative emotions lingering from an ex, talk to a professional about it, not a prospective.

Try to stay positive. Remember the old saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything." Negativity is a real turn off. What women most often tell me is that they want someone who’s kind and funny. Keep those first dates light. 


Don’t be cheap. The worst turn off is someone who is cheap. Your date does not have to be in a very expensive restaurant. Make a few suggestions and let her choose the place. It should be somewhere with a good vibe so that it puts you in a good mood. And don’t make it feel like an interview. Pick good topics and remember do not interrupt a woman when she is talking. Whether you plan on going out again on a second date, do treat her with respect and always be a gentlemen.

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