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3 Dating Lessons For Singles Over 50

When I am asked what I do for a living and respond with matchmaker, people are always intrigued. It is not a profession you come across every day. They want to know what I do, how I do it and what the secret is. Obviously, I am not going to tell you my ...

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Is it a mental illness?

Why are we diagnosing anyone, who does something wrong as someone who is suffering with mental illness? There are so many people that have had some hardtimes going through a break-up or divorce, found out someone they loved passed away.Why do we right ...

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Celebrity dating issues

Why do celebrities seem to break up? Remember Tiger Woods’ divorce? Or Charlie Sheen’s infamous personal life. Imagine if it’s hard for the average person to maintain a relationship without Read More

A Beautiful Mind: How Personality Makes Us More Attractive

Single and searching? Matchmaker and life coach Susan Alper has some interesting insight on how physical attraction isn't the most important piece of the puzzle. Instead, she suggests you dig deeper and get to know someone you may have overlooked: their good qualities might just make them seem like a better ...

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Dating 101

Men make a lot of mistakes when dating. They have to remember women are like flowers and need to be watered everyday with kindness and appreciation. Women also don’t want to hear stories of your past relationships. If there’s any negative emotions lingering from an ex, talk to a professional about ...

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Is it a mental illness?

Why do we right away point the finger to mental illness when someone is depressed?


Celebrity dating issues

Do you know how celebrity feels on a date? The same way do!

How Love Transforms Our Perspective Of Beauty

A Beautiful Mind: How Personality Makes Us More Attractive

When looking for love, beauty really is only skin deep.

First Date

Dating 101

Why complicate the dating scene when it's easy as 1,2,3?

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