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Susan Alper - Matchmaker, Dating Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach - Montreal, QC


1445 Lambert Closse suite 200
Montreal, QC
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Life is not a rehearsal

About Me

I am Susan Alper and I am passionate about matchmaking with a love of organizing and helping people find their lifelong partner. Bringing the complementary skills of personal coaching, networking and event planning to the organization has resulted in success after success in matchmaking.

For me bringing people together and planning events for business or personal needs has always come naturally. I have over 20 years of experience building my network of business and personal contacts across North America. Bringing people together and making them smile while achieving their goals is what makes me happy and successful. Life is not a rehearsal; it is about enjoying every day. We have to live it to the fullest and my goal is to do this for you, and with you.

I am looking forward to working with you, for more information, please visit  my website.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

My entire life has always been about bringing people together.
My entire life has been challenging with my parents divorcing at a young age, my mother one of the first entrepreneurs way before woman were working.
Myself working as an Entrepreneur in a man’s world really taught me what men want and need.
I have always had a great outlook on life even through some really difficult times.
I have always been there to help friends, stranger’s re-event themselves.
I decided after working as an Entrepreneur making so much money for everyone else and chasing my commissions
I decided after my mother passing away so young, my health was really bad not sure if I was going to live or die.
This is when I realised that life was too short and that I had many great talents that I could share with the world.
That I could get depressed and feel sorry for myself or take my hard life and help others not to make wrong choices
I realised that Tiger Woods could make a living doing his passion, or Oprah can motivate the world from having a life of challenges and turn them into positive ways to help others
Donald Trump could re-built a city why can’t I help people re-event themselves and learn how to close  DOOR SO THAT THE WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITIES CAN OPEN UP.
I am not a dating service, I am a unique Matchmaker.

Time in Practice10 years +
Additional ExpertiseDating Coach
Divorce Recovery Coach
I offer my servicesAt my office
By Email
I am fluent inEnglish
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