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Dr. Lisa Kaplin, YourTango Expert Partner

Dr. Lisa Kaplin - YourTango Expert Partner, Divorce Coach, Family Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Psychologist, Speaker/Presenter - Chicago, IL

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"Do your thing.  Do it unapologetically.  Don't be discouraged by criticism.   You probably already know what they're going to say.  Pay no mind to the fear ...

About Me

A few years ago I was laughing at something that my children had said and my oldest son looked at me and said, “Mom, I love when you laugh like that.  You don’t do it very often.”  I was shocked and a bit taken aback until I realized how right he was.  I hadn’t felt joyful and engaged in the world since I had graduated from my doctoral program in psychology.  I loved being home with my children yet something was dramatically missing from my life.

After doing quite a bit of soul searching and training to be a life coach, I realized that I’d been living a “should” life.  I should be putting everyone else first.  I should be happy to be focused on my family and not my own dreams and wishes.  I should be thinner, prettier, and younger looking at all costs. I shouldn’t use my voice to ask for what I want and I should have perfect children, a perfect marriage, and a perfect home. I decided to shed the “shoulds” and add the wants and the dreams and the joyful fun back into my life.  I got clear on what I wanted for my family and myself and I’ve never looked back.

Now I help overwhelmed and exhausted women who have that “something’s missing” feeling.  I help them face their fears, step out of their comfort zones and walk right into true happiness and fulfillment. I am now the proud owner of Smart Women Inspired Lives where I do individual and group life coaching, blogging, and public speaking.  Helping other women to step out of that stuck feeling and into calm, confidence, and joy is a dream come true for me.  I’ve been laughing a whole lot more and I help the women I work with to do the same.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

My clients come to me because they are overwhelmed and confused with parenting, partnering, and their personal or professional lives.  I help them get clear, get calm, and get moving to have a plan in all of these areas and to begin to execute that plan today.  My clients reduce their stress levels, increase their patience, and begin to feel joy that they hadn’t thought possible.  I help them with their marriages, divorces, dating, or all of the above. 

My work with clients starts with the amazing Stuck in Stepford online assessment and life changing debrief.  This assessment tells us exactly why you are stuck in your Stepford life style and exactly what you need to do to get out of it so that you can move forward with your dreams as well as those of your loved ones.  My regular fee for this assessment and debrief is $199 but I offer it to my Your Tango readers for $97.  Just put Your Tango in the coupon code section and you will get your discount. 

I also offer a SOS video series that helps women feel better immediately with four easy tips to a passion infused life!  You can also join me monthly for a free parenting teleclass where I help you with parenting problems such as discipline,  homework, setting limits, eating disorders, and keeping your cool even when your kids are making you crazy.  When you sign up for my e-book you will automatically receive notices about my upcoming teleclasses and events. 

My coaching packages are for the woman who is ready to invest in herself!  This woman knows that putting herself first will make every aspect of her life healthier and happier and she’s ready to make the leap into a big, gigantic, happy life.  I do coaching either in person or on the phone so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world!  I also offer a free consultation for anyone who wants to know more about coaching. 

Here’s how to get in touch with me to get started on your road out of Stepford and into the life of your dreams. 
Phone:  847-757-4021
Twitter:  @LisaKaplin


Success Stories

Personable and Relatable

“Lisa is my #1 go-to trainer.”

“Lisa has delivered many EAP trainings, for me, over the past 5 years, at major corporations and universities. The resulting evaluations from the attendees and HR contact people have been consistently outstanding. Most of the clients ask for her exclusively. Lisa is my #1 go-to trainer. In regards to my personal business experiences with her, Lisa is always very courteous, personable and dedicated to getting the jobs done and I wish I had hundreds more like her throughout the country. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a top-notch speaker.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

~ Robert Foetsch, Aetna

February 2, 2012

Connecting with an Audience

“she connects with the audience”

“I have been working with Lisa as a Corporate Trainer for 11 years. I have consistently received outstanding feedback about how she connects with the audience and presents the material in an interesting and dynamic fashion.”

~ Dr. Mark Bakal

Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach

Clinical Psychologist

Comfort to Talk and Change

“very easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable and secure”

“Lisa is an outstanding Professional Life Coach who is very easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable and secure. She is very good at using the tools required to help an individual learn and grow. She is comfortable discussing any aspect of life that might be a block to further personal growth and satisfaction in one’s self-awareness. Lisa is one of few Life Coaches that can help you cut to the chase and help you move forward in a short period of time. Lisa was my coach for many months and I will use her again when the need arises.”

~ Michael V.

Ready to Change

“one of the best decisions I ever made”

“Working with Lisa as my coach was one of the best decisions I ever made. With her help I was able to access much of my personal energy and intuition and apply it in a way that produced positive change after each session. I would recommend her without reservation to all who are ready to shift their personal and professional life into high gear.”

~ Dr. Judy Williams

CredentialsCPC, ELI-MP, MS, PsyD
Time in Practice6-10 years
I practice inAll areas, please inquire
Additional ExpertiseDivorce Coach
Family Coach
Life Coach
Personal Development Coach
I offer my servicesAt my office
Via Skype
Via a webcam
I am fluent inEnglish
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