10 Ways To Screw Up A First Date ... Royally


10 Ways To Screw Up A First Date ... Royally [EXPERT]
He's a catch ... just ask him.
Get some fool-proof tips on how to have the worst first date ever!

This has to be a joke, you're probably telling yourself. Everything on this list would be so blatantly bad that no one would ever do this stuff. Unfortunately, as every single person can tell you, it happens all the time.

Whether it's because people on first dates are so nervous that they overreact, or whether they're just jerks, it's hard to say. However, any of these rude behaviors should be a warning sign: If your date acts like this, just try to get through the evening gracefully and then lose his phone number! Or, if the behavior is really offensive, don't be shy about getting up and leaving. Are You A Good First Date?

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Life is short, why waste an evening on a jerk? We've seen every one of these behaviors in women as well as in men, proving that a lack of social skills crosses gender lines!

1. Show up late. This lets your date know that you're in the position of power. Offer flimsy apologies to cover your total lack of planning. Unless, of course, your sensible and self-respecting date has already left by the time you finally get there.

2. Stop everything for phone calls and texts. Because, you know, the fate of the free world depends on your being in touch constantly.

3. Be rude to severs. Ever heard this one? "Someone who's nice to you but rude to the waiter is not a nice person." Yeah, that attitude is for losers. Why should you treat "the servants" with any courtesy? Make a big showy deal about the menu or wine list and always send something back to show what you learned from The Food Network.

4. Make sure your date knows how important you are. Keep looking around the room to see who else is there and drop names constantly. Talk a lot about money. Demonstrate how you really don't have time for dating (see #2) and your date should feel honored that you made time.

5. Talk a lot about your exes. If you praise them, it lets your date know that he/she doesn't measure up. If you tear them down, it lets your date know that you're better than your ex ever was. Don't forget the sympathy ploy of just being "too sensitive" after the breakup and you're still kind of in love. It's a great distancing tool. 4 Things You Should Never Say On A First Date

6. Don't listen or pay close attention to your date. Yeah, whatever. "Look, are you going to put out later or not? You're lucky just to get me."

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7. Make it all about you. Talk only about your own interests. You're way more fascinating than your date, anyway.

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