Dating After Divorce? Find Confidence & Be Your Sexiest Self!


Dating After Divorce: How To Find Love
Newly single? Learn the secret to creating a magnetic attraction.

A recently divorced client asked me the question, "What do men really want from a woman... and what do I need to do to attract a really great guy?"

Is this a question that has been on your mind as well? If so, you are going to love this video! Countless women are looking for proven solutions to attract quality men. And this is perhaps never so important than it is after a divorce. Once the dust has settled from your separation, attracting men and searching for love can be really intimidating. I know; I've been there!

If you're going through a divorce now or have recently divorced, I have a great resource for you. Check out at

As a relationship coach and women's empowerment specialist, I am passionate about helping women remember who they are at their core. I've devoted myself to teaching women how to bring excitement and fun back into their lives as well as inspiring them to feel sexy at any age! And the good news? Once you feel confident and sexy with yourself, in your skin, you begin to attract more great men. Loving who you are shows other people that you're lovable.

So, when my client asked the question about what men want and how to attract a great one, I knew I needed to create this video to share the secrets. Whether you're single, divorced, or in a relationship that needs a little sprucing up; the secret to creating powerful attraction with men is always the same:

You need to become the sexiest version of yourself!

Watch this video to learn how you can transform into unforgettable, irrisistible you (regardless of your weight, age, or appearance). You may be surprised to learn the two things that men consistently say they are looking for in a woman. Any guesses what these two things might be?

If you find you are still struggling with this and would like more guidance, feel free to contact me through my website, where you can also claim a free gift.

If you are struggling as you work through a divorce, I'm taking part in a free-for-you Divorce Advice Expert series, the goal of which is to provide you with short, specific, implementable ideas that have a strong impact on helping you move through your divorce process in a positive manner so you can springboard yourself into a vibrant new life. Check it out at I'll be sharing advice for Sparkling Through and Beyond Your Divorce.

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