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Value Your "V"


Expect a title and commitment before giving up your “halleluiah sunshine” because you value your "V"

At one point or another we have been in a relationship or in love with a man who wasn’t quite feeling the same way in return. His friends or family would come around only for him to introduce you as his “friend” Tracey or Keisha or what ever your name happens to be. Although you two may be having sex, you never get the title of “girlfriend” no matter how hard you try to win his heart over and prove that you are the perfect girl for him. Ladies, watch below and learn that one of the most difficult lessons in love to learn is that you can not hope, wish, plead, beg or pray a man into being into you when he is not. And you will know he is not into you because his actions will show you! The best advice I can give you is to keep your legs closed and expect a title and commitment before giving up your “halleluiah sunshine” because if your value your “v,” he and everyone else who wants it, will value it as well!


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