20 Unbelievably Terrifying Sex Facts. #6 Is The Worst.


20 Unbelievably Terrifying Sex Facts. #6 Is The Worst.
Here Are 20 Of The Weirdest, Wildest & Most Frightening Sex Facts Ever. You've Been Warned!!!

These sex facts are interesting, weird and some are downright terrifying. Enjoy! P.S. If you want to learn my best dirty talking tips & techniques for building sexual tension & turning him on, you’ll find them in this powerful video.

1. Studies show that women who believed they were completely straight are actually attracted to everything from female nude bodies to animal sex. The amazing thing is that your body will respond to a very wide range of sexual stimuli. Of course, this sex fact does not make you a zoophile or anything.source

2. Everybody and their mom has a vibrator nowadays and it may seem normal like they appeared just like any other sex toy: with no other purpose than that of sexually satisfying people. However...you may be surprised to know the fact that vibrators have been invented as a remedy for something people called “hysteria nervosa”. This “disease” was often encountered in women who were not married and the main symptoms were sex cravings and mood swings. The women who suffered from this “disease” were taken to a physician where, often in the presence of their husbands (if they had any), the professional would… satisfy them by massaging their most intimate zones. This happened up until a new and more automatic device was invented to treat hysteria nervosa: the vibrator. source

3. Napoleon Bonaparte’s penis was cut off by his doctor when he died because he needed it for the autopsy. Many years later, in 1977, the penis was sold for around $3,000. At that time, it had a size of 1.5 inches. source

4. Sex can be a form of exercising. OK, you're not gonna lose much weight just from sex, but it is a fun way to shed a couple of pounds in a happier and more pleasurable way than actually going to the gym. 30 minutes of sex can help you burn somewhere around 200 calories. source

5. There is no need to care about smelling bad during sex. We don’t sense nasty smells around us when we are having sex and this is because our bodies are very aroused. source

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6. Men with two penises actually exist. If you have ever seen a movie featuring a porn star with two penises, then you may have wondered if it's real. Yes, that is real. Diphallus is a condition that affects about 1 man in 6 million, but it is even rarer that both of the penises are actually functional. Men born this way often suffer from other conditions too. source

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