How To Turn Her Attraction Into Absolute Loving Devotion (Part One)


How To Turn Her Attraction Into Absolute Loving Devotion (Part One)

Here’s a good question. Ready?

Exactly WHY do you want a woman to be attracted to you, anyway?


Careful…you might want to give that one some thought before simply giving the first answer that comes to mind.

Is it so you can have sex with her and move on to the next one?

Is it because you enjoy having your masculinity ignited by feminine appreciation, even though you’d really rather not be “bothered” by having a woman in your life?

Both of those possible answers are actually valid ones for lots and lots of guys.

But what if the true answer for you is so that you can be free to evaluate whether or not she’s the greatest woman you’ve ever met and possibly decide to pursue a long, mutually-fulfilling relationship with her?

If I just hit the nail on the head in that last paragraph, then it’s just like I always say: You’re going to have to be READY for her when you meet her.

You just can’t be caught by surprise.

Now, if you’re familiar with some of my other writings, you’ll recall that I’ve talked about “charm throttling” before.

That’s what a “big four” man needs to do when he’s with a woman he ISN’T yet so sure about.

After all, when you don’t quite have whether you really want a second date with her or not figured out just yet, it’s a good idea NOT to do things that are likely to get her to develop powerful feelings for you early on.

But what about when “charm throttling” is out the window and you have a woman in your life that you’re sure you REALLY WANT to keep around?

Sure, you may already have her ATTRACTED TO YOU, but how can you do the OPPOSITE of “charm throttling”.

In other words, how do you turn simple interest (aka “attraction”) into absolute, loving devotion?

Well, obviously, the decision to pursue a long-term, committed relationship is NOT made overnight.

And “devotion” may actually be a bit of a heavy-duty term for the context at hand. That also takes time to cultivate, most definitely.

But make no mistake: You CAN cause a woman to feel intense “warm fuzzies” for you relatively quickly, and get her talking to her friends and family as if she’s met the most amazing man who’s ever lived.

That’s you.

Of course, the secret to what I’m about to share with you lies in how you represent to her what she CRAVES in a man.

And it’s about how much deeper you can look than just wanting to have sex with her.

And It’s about having the patience and maturity to know that getting the job at hand done the RIGHT way will lead to particularly explosive sexual fireworks, anyway.

Now before we get to the list, I have to make something PERFECTLY clear.

EVERYTHING you’re about to read below presupposes you’ve ALREADY CREATED STRONG ATTRACTION.

In other words, if you try ANY of what follows in an attempt to CREATE attraction, you’re little stunt will only BACKFIRE.

In fact, the difference between looking needy and overbearing versus coming off as a man with real depth is a devastating combination of HER ATTRACTION and YOUR “BIG FOUR” PRESENCE.

You must NEVER come off as conniving or begging. You must NEVER seem as if you are “trying too hard” to create attraction out of nothing.

So this means that every one of Cupid’s arrows that I’m about to share with you are best taken out of the quiver only after you’ve ALREADY KNOWN HER for at least a few dates…I hope.

Basically, it’s all meant to MAGNIFY the affection she’s ALREADY showing towards you.

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