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Women in complicated relationships
Women seeking to start over in a relationship
Women starting over
Widowed women
Women seeking to end a relationship
Women newly dating

Women in complicated relationships

"Liza has enriched my life deeply...."

"Liza has a knack for articulating just what you need, be it spurring you to action or encouraging your quiet introspection. Her brilliance lies in the nuances and subtleties she brings to the table while exploring every facet of your…

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"Wonderful to work with...empathetic and caring"

"Kim was wonderful to work with.  She was very open in sharing her experiences which made it easier for me to share my own experiences and when I did, she was respectful and interested.  She is well-versed in the program…

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"A valuable resource. . . . (S)o worth the effort."

"I found Kim to be a very valuable resource due to her methodical direction and insightful comments while using the Grief Recovery Method.  Kim's guidance and the Grief Recovery Method are unique and unprecedented -- so worth the effort." --…

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Women seeking to start over in a relationship

"I felt stronger and more in control knowing my next steps."

"When I came to SAS I felt confused, directionless, and alone.  Kim and Liza provided me with space to talk about everything.  They were understanding, non-judgmental and warm.  I gained confidence and peace knowing that I had two advocates.  Each…

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Women starting over

"A high-energy, "can do" coach . . . a champion for me."

"My favorite thing about being coached by Liza is that she is such a champion for me and my ideas. She makes me feel that what I want to do, can be done and I am the perfect person to…

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"My experience was great!"

"My experience was great!  ....I felt very comfortable talking to Kim about my emotions..She is very understanding, comforting and a great listener.  I love the fact that we shared not only my experiences but she also shared her experiences with…

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"I looked forward to every week. . . . a better place."

"I looked forward to every week. It helped me be in a better place. I have never felt so vulnerable around anyone, but I am glad I opened up." -- M.S.

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Widowed women

"I liked the balance. . . So freeing and empowering."

"I liked the balance between reading a book for intellectual knowledge and sharing our emotions.  This was hard and I never thought I could deal with my situation in front of other people, but it was so freeing and empowering."…

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"A safe place to express my feelings."

"The Grief Recovery Program at SAS is wonderful program, led by a kind, insightful and caring leader. Kim gently guides you through a 7-week process which will help you to deal with unresolved issues caused by grief.  It's not always…

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Women seeking to end a relationship

Today, I am happily married and more confident . . . .

"Liza inspired me to listen to myself and to make changes in my relationship. She has such a positive energy, she made me feel she really understood me.  Like she knew what I was going through. She listened to my…

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"I needed savvy women...I knew they had my back 100 percent."

"I feel very fortunate to have found SAS when I did. I was emotionally drained and felt powerless and lost in this crazy process. SAS took care of me so I did not have to bear my troubles alone. I…

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Women newly dating

I am finding meaning in my life and reasons to move forward

"Kim and Liza have touched my life in a deep and profound way.  Slowly, with their help, I am finding meaning in my life and reasons to move forward." -- T.K.

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