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The Secret Life Of An Abused Woman

I like sports, in a general, “Go Team!” sort of way. I have teams that I root for and I enjoy a good game. But I can't quote stats or name players and I don't usually watch ESPN, voluntarily anyway. But I do know the name of a football player. Ray Rice, the football player who knocked his ...

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3 Dating Tips Nine Out Of Ten Women Need

When I read the recent article "Don't Order For Me And Don't Take That Call! Nine In Ten Woman Would Turn Down A Second Date Because Of Bad Table Manners," ...

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4 Reasons You Should Be Proud To Breastfeed

My son is going on 4 months old, and I still feel weird about breastfeeding in public. Yes, I know there are laws that say I can. But there aren't laws against the looks I get, ranging from knowing smiles, to curiosity, to all out disgust. So I bought the cover up (why are they all so hideous?) to cover up ...

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Why The World Cup Isn't All Fun And Games

My business partner and I were sitting outside at a restaurant the other day, chatting about work. A crowd was gathering around the TV at the bar because it was in the final minutes of the U.S vs. Belgium game. The place next door had a large crowd gathered ...

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4 Undeniable Signs Of Abuse

Recently, Brittny Gastineau hit the news because she showed up in public with a black eye and a gash on her cheek following ...

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Abusive Relationship: When Your Relationship Becomes Violent

The Secret Life Of An Abused Woman

If it happens once, it will likely happen again.

First Date

3 Dating Tips Nine Out Of Ten Women Need

Are you giving up on your date too soon?

New Baby

4 Reasons You Should Be Proud To Breastfeed

You're doing the best thing for your baby, so why are people so judgmental?


Why The World Cup Isn't All Fun And Games

It may surprise you, but an increase in domestic violence is linked to this sports spectacle.

Upset Woman In Bed With Hubby

4 Undeniable Signs Of Abuse

Any abuse, emotional, sexual or physical, is wrong, no matter how many times he says he's sorry.

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