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Woody's World

Woody's World is about the adventures of a creative twelve-year-old boy during The Great Depression. Woody helps his family cope with their dwindling finances, sometimes with rather interesting results. He makes mistakes, but eventually earns the wholehearted respect of his father.

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Feng Shui for the Classroom: 101 Easy-to-Use Ideas

Formerly published by Zephyr PressThis unique resource translates ancient Chinese interior design concepts into practical ideas for creating harmonious classroom environments that contribute to the quality and meaningfulness of instruction.

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Ducklings in a Row

When Mama Duck asks her ducklings to arrange themselves from One to Ten, the baby ducks learn much more than sequencing skills. In Ducklings in a Row, ten unique duckling personalities combine to form a humorous look at ordinal numbers and at the art of getting along with others. This book nurtures the characteristics of humility, patience, respect, and insight ...

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Helping Kids Help: Organizing Successful Charitable Projects

Formerly published by Zephyr PressProvides print and Web resources, specific ideas for charitable projects, and practical guidance for developing students’ career and life skills through youth philanthropy.

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Somebody Cares!

When twelve-year-old Lexii plans her birthday party, she wants something unique. What she finds is a way to enjoy her special day while making many special days for needy children. What she doesn't expect is an emotional reaction from one of her friends at the party. See how she gets her friends and family energized to celebrate her unusual birthday. Use her ideas ...

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The Kinetic Classroom: Activities that Move Students to Learn

When children move, they increase the rate that oxygen circulates throughout their bodies, including their brains. Help your students to learn better, be more enthusiastic about your lessons, and get higher grades on testing by using the strategies in this book. Included with the tips on supplementing traditional methods of instruction are ways to maintain an ...

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What's the Matter? (The EnteleTrons Series)

The EnteleTrons™ help the three primary states of matter understand their role in the water cycle, also exploring temperature and insulation. Through character interaction, The EnteleTrons™ help young readers accept the changes that occur in their lives.

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Where's Green? (The EnteleTrons Series)

In this first book of The EnteleTrons Series, this trio of atomic particles help align the seven colors of the rainbow, while exploring the visible spectrum in a prism. Through character interaction, The EnteleTrons show everyone the value of cooperation within a group. NEW! Buy the hardcover and get the e-book for only .99

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The Secret To Family Harmony

Change seldom follows as a result of criticism; use this simple formula instead.

There's nothing "standard" about education!

Opting OUT of standardized testing? Then opt IN to fun and engaging learning at home!


My Own Trophy Is The Best!

Learn to appreciate your own accomplishments, rather than looking to others for validation.

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What's Your Role In Your Child's Homework Routine?

When kids rush through homework, or procrastinate, it’s your job to help them find the F-U-N


A New Tool For The Parental Toolbox

When you say, "No" to your teenager, it is a trigger that will add cement to the wall between you.

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