Why Successful Women Love To Date Younger Men


Dating: Why Successful Women Love Younger Men
If she spent her younger years climbing the corporate ladder, he's the fun she missed.
If men mature at 43 and women at 32, why do successful women date younger men? Here are 5 reasons.

A new study on maturity suggests that men don't mature until age 43, while women mature by age 32. This won't come as a surprise to most women, yet many successful single women choose to date younger men. Here's some insight into why:

1. She has fewer expectations. If a woman has focused much of her energy on building a successful career, she'll likely want a partner with a similar degree of success. However she defines that success, she'll have particular expectations of a man who is about the same age. She'll unintentionally hold him to the same high standards to which she holds herself. With a younger man, however, she'll just want to see the potential for success. It will take less to impress her and she'll be excited to join him on his journey.

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2. Younger men tend to be more fun. Perhaps it is because they are less focused on their futures or perhaps it is because their careers haven't yet hit their critical points. Either way, younger guys are often more carefree and fun. Their spirits seem lighter. They haven't yet been jaded by life's hardships. This can be very attractive to the successful woman who never took the time to have fun. If she spent her years in grad school or climbing the corporate ladder, a younger man might bring into her life the fun she had been missing.

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3. It eliminates the sense of competition. In a room full of successful men and women, even those who aren't competitive can feel like they are in a race to the top. When there is a significant age difference, however, that sense of competition is erased. It's no longer an apples-to-apples comparison. This leaves room for each person to take a purely supportive role with regards to the other's career and accomplishments. Keep reading...

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