A Better Marriage is Best


A Better Marriage is Best
We all want the best relationship possible. Start by making it better!

We’d probably all agree we want the best marriage possible. How do we get there? By building a better marriage! The word better is a relative term – a better marriage is relative to the marriage you currently have. If your marriage is way less than you want, it can be better. If your marriage is hitting on all eight cylinders and you can’t imagine it being improved upon, it can be better. Was yesterday a bit rocky? Today can be better!

The key to developing a better marriage is to start where you are. Identify, celebrate and build on your strengths. The most difficult thing we can do is to move an entrenched, unmovable boulder. But if we can build on the momentum of a boulder that’s already moving, it’s no sweat! Think of your marriage as that moving boulder – it’s already in motion. It’s alive, vital, and ever-changing with a history and a future.


To identify where you want to go, first identify where you’ve been. Take a look in your rearview mirror and see the path that’s stretched out behind – your personal memory lane. Celebrate the high moments, the joy, the growth. Now look ahead down the path that you are creating. What have you learned that you want to bring into the future with you? What have you learned that you want to leave behind? What skills and strengths do you need to add to your relational toolkit to navigate the road ahead?

Your relationship is in your hands. You have the power to make it what you want. Start by making it better!

What are your current relational strengths? What are the things you need to improve in your relationship? What are you personally willing to do to improve your relationship? Agree with your partner on three things you would like to add to your relational toolkit during the next 3 months – set a plan and work the plan! Improve your relationship at the Better Marriages Fiesta, July 7-10, 2011 at Hotel Albuquerque.

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