Erotic Spanking: The Move To 'Whip' Your Sex Life Into Shape

erotic spanking

Are you the spanker and the spankee?

As part of research for our online course, Erotic Spanking Mastery, we spoke with hundreds of men and women. They all agree: a few good spanks can set your sex life on fire, even if you consider yourself to be pretty conservative in the bedroom.

Maybe you like some hard smacks during rough sex or maybe a gentle massage is just enough to get your cheeks in gear, but erotic spanking is a huge turn-on.

Here's why: the butt is a hot erogenous zone. The pelvic muscles are some of the most important in the human body for overall posture, movement and comfort. Most of us have chronic tension in our butts that needs to be relaxed, so spanking is an effective form of massage (one of our favorite kinds of couples massage). With each spank, a wave ripples through the muscle and bounces off the bones. This stimulates your genitals, floods your pelvis with fresh blood flow and fires off all of the nerve endings with every impact—making sex more intense, more vivid, more arousing.

Besides the pure physical pleasure, some people love erotic spanking for the taboo thrill of it. Whatever kind of kinky butt-smacking turns you on, talk to your partner about it.

  • What is it about spanking that excites you?
  • If you fantasize about spanking, what do those fantasies look like?
  • How can you act them out? Do you want to be an unruly student and for him to be the teacher who kept you after class?
  • Get specific about both of your roles. Does he want to be the high executive and for you to be his flirty secretary? The ideas are endless.

You might find yourself waving your butt around in the air, pleading for the next blow, quivering with pleasure. Some people love the combination of spanking with erotic touch, while others like to focus on one kind of sensation at a time. Experiment and see what feels good as the spanker and the spankee. Ultimately, erotic spanking is all about exploring your kinky, naughtier side ...

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