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“The true measure of a man is not his intelligence or how high he rises in this freak establishment. No, the true measure of a man is this: how quickly can he respond to the needs of others and how much of himself he can give.”

About Paul Aitken

PJ Aitken is an author and a freelancer. His work has appeared on countless websites and in dozens of newspapers and magazines. He has also written for video games, product packaging, film scripts and more. He has one of the highest rated profiles on the Upwork platform and when he is not freelancing he writes fiction under several different pen names.

His book, The Online Writer’s Companion, details his journey as a freelancer and aims to help other writers achieve the same success. Aitken also runs several websites and works for many more, either a a writer, an editor, an SEO consultant or a promoter. Details of Aitken's sites, and the work that he has performed on them, can be found below.  

Latest Projects

In late 2017, Aitken began working on a project with a well known entrepreneur. This involved the creation of websites, HairGrowthPills.com and SurvivingHairloss. The goal was to invest just $20 and to make a 6 figure profit in a few short months, before completing a 7 figure sale with 2 years. The full details of this project will be released in a book (published 2018 to 2019) in which the authors describe their process. This same process has helped them to launch many other websites and to achieve a considerable degree of success with all of them.

Sites Owned

Below is a list of websites that Aitken owns, either partially or fully. Details of these websites and the process of creating them have been discussed in his books and on the sites themselves.

Writing and Editing Projects

Aitken has also worked as a writer and/or editor on the following projects:

Promotional Work

Aitken has acted as an SEO consultant for the following projects:



Paul Aitken Success Stories

Competitive Gaming


I struggled to find a reliable writer for many years and then Paul came along and made everything easier for me. Thanks to him I've had multiple successes on various projects, including a League of Legends betting site.

All Round Writer


I have been working with PJ for several years. He is my go-to writer for every project and has helped with countless gambling, casino and sports projects, including RealMoneyGambling.ca.

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