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Women seeking a relationship
Women seeking to start over in a relationship
Women starting over
Men seeking a relationship

Women seeking a relationship

Totally Inspiring!

I love Matthew and Orna as people, and love the work they do together...there are a lot of coaches and teachers out there, and Matthew and Orna are the only couple I know who actually walk their talk, and are…

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I love who I am!

To say it was amazing is an understatement. It was the bow that tied up all of my personal development work beautifully. I feel so yummy inside. Yes really!

What they have created is an extraordinary opportunity for you to explore…

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Its about loving me first

"I’m in the middle of a divorce and part of my growing has been looking at what I did to create the marriage I had, so that I choose the next partner consciously and not sell out ever again. …

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I like myself!

"I am 58 years old, and after working with Orna & Matthew, I can honestly say for the first time that I like myself!"

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Finally, a plan that works!

“I am so grateful to you both for what you have given me. What makes it so valuable to me is that you provided clear and specific exercises to begin the process of creating love intentionally, so that…

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With the tools they have taught me I will find my soul mate!

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go through Orna and Matthew's eCourse – The Science of Creating Love™ (http://TheScienceOfCreatingLove.com). It really helped me open my eyes to what I needed to be focusing my attention…

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Borders on Brilliant!

I really admire your work. I think it's most helpful and probably borders on brilliant. And I'm very thrilled to have connected with the work that you're doing. I can feel a change in my attitude that has come through…

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Magically Effective!

Hi! Well, here's my "little" story... in the scheme of things, not a real Great big thing, but I do think it indicates the work with you was magically effective!

I was cleaning out my work purse, at work…

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I'm Engaged!

Hi Orna and Matthew,

Happy New Year!! I hope you had a good chance to enjoy the holiday season.

I have some very exciting news to share with you both, Charles and I got engaged on Christmas day. We are beginning to…

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Women seeking to start over in a relationship

So Very Grateful!

Thank you. You are an awesome invitation to what else is possible. I am so very grateful for what I am continuing to receive from tonight's call that ended two hours ago. …

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Women starting over

An immeasureable difference in my healing!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You and Matthew are amazing. I'm amazed at what a difference the session
has made for me. Thank you for your patience and insight and generosity.
Thank you for sharing your gifts. You two are…

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Men seeking a relationship

A Blueprint for Love!

Coaching with the two of you gave me a blue print to my love life for the first time, thank you! Working with you both allowed me to find a way to create what I want vs. waiting and "hoping"…

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Orna and Matthew Walters

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Articles by Orna and Matthew Walters
Why Pheromones May Have Less To Do With Attraction Than You Think

Pheromones May Have Less To Do With Attraction Than You Think

Is it chemicals that draw us to certain people? Or something else?

Happy Wedding Day

What About Conscious Coupling?

We've heard a lot about conscious uncoupling, what if we were more conscious before we coupled?

Dating: A Good Man Is Not A Unicorn: Why You Shouldn't Settle

A Good Man Is Not A Unicorn: Why You Shouldn't Settle In Love

Don't hold on to a bad relationship because you believe you can't find another good man.

Effective Communication: Honesty & Self-Love In Relationships

The Thin Line Between Brutal Honesty And Authentic Communication

Is honesty or authenticity more important to the health of your relationships?

Oh My

Are You Protecting Yourself From Love?

Holding onto past hurts can block you from finding the love you truly want.

Orna and Matthew Walters

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