12 Things We WISH Could Be Delivered Via Emoji (Unicorn, Anyone?!)

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Emoji Faces

You can order pizza with an emoji now. So why not these?!

It isn’t exactly new news to most of us — but the whole “order a pizza from Dominos with a pizza emoji” thing STILL has us up excited! It’s laziness at its finest, and we kinda love sending funny texts for food. Who wouldn’t want pizza in their hands with a simple thumb tap to an emoji that is bound to be in their “recently used” list of emojis anyway?!  

This got us thinking — what would other emojis deliver to us in this same realm of the new emoji-delivery phenomenon?


1. Martini


Because, well do I really have to explain why we all want this?? This one is pretty straight forward.


2. Unicorn 




3. Poop 


Don’t think we want this one … unless we can get it delivered to someone else’s doorstep (this is REAL, btw!)


4. Plane


A private jet? A weekend trip? A vacation to Bali? The possibilities are endless when you get your own plane delivered to your place. We just hope the prices won’t be astronomical.


5. Haircut 


Too lazy to go to the salon? Haircuts can come to you! This won’t be a good idea if you have an apartment covered in carpet, though.


6. Lipstick 


Makeover before a night of going out? Yes please! Sometimes I want to look really pretty but I just don’t want to put the effort into getting ready. I’d like a glam squad delivered to my bedroom at my beck-and-emoji-call.


7. Diamond


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? And delivered to your door? Yes, please.


8. French Fries 


Wrong. French fries are a girl’s best friend. Basically we want all of the food emojis. All types of food should be delivered, especially via emoji! Now how do we make this happen?!


9. Dancer 


Hold me closer, tiny dancer! After you had your haircut and glam squad at the house, why not just bring the party there as well?! Or maybe this can bring you some dance lessons ... or just someone fun to dance with. OOOOH I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY!


10. Chick hatching out of an egg 


I really don’t get the point of this emoji, but I like to use it randomly in conversation to confuse my texting partner. It’s pretty cute. I guess getting some chicks delivered to you could be cuddly (although, possibly poopy).


11. Rose 


While flower delivery does already exist, why not simplify it? Getting into a phone or text fight with your S.O.? Well, now your signal for makeup sex when you get home later that evening is only one more text away.


12. Eggplant


Umm…we all know what this one has become known for. Don’t think you’re gonna be getting some eggplant parmesan at your door.



This article was originally published at Never Liked It Anyway. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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