Does Calories In Vs. Calories Out Equal Weight Loss?


Does Calories In Vs. Calories Out Equal Weight Loss?
Myth on calories in vs. calories out. Does it really equal weight loss?

I would like to talk on a myth I hear often and that is the myth of Calories In vs Calories Out = Weight Loss.

This one is tricky because, yes, if you eat excessively, you will gain weight, that is not a myth...however, the Calories in vs Calories out is deceptive!


We are made up of far more than just calories.  When you are following your Metabolic Type, you will find that a few things happen...besides feeling better and increased immunity, you will also notice a change in the way you eat. In fact, the more strictly you follow the protocols, the more likely you are to eat less and need less food!

I rarely teach calorie counting when I use Metabolic Typing because there is little need. If you are eating in the proper ratio mixture you will find it difficult to over eat!

In fact, many people start losing weight even though they are consuming more over-all calories! The thing is though, the ratio of these calories is new and aids the body in proper processing, thus leading to weight loss and a balancing effect on the body.

ANYTIME you consume too many carbs, proteins, or fats for your Metabolic Type, you are at risk of gaining weight, EVEN if the calories are low. 

As some of my clients have heard my story about my in-laws being in town and how she is a "Carb" type, and for the sake of ease I made a lot of salads consisting of carrots, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, and other low and no calorie ingredients. I ate a lot of salads that week and was continuously tired, but I was so crazed that I did not put the 2 together till later in the week. Being that I am a "protein" type and I require ALOT of protein and fat, I GAINED weight! Yes, GAINED...yet, when you looked at my total calories they were normal and maybe even below the recommended amount.

So what happened? My ratios were off and my body couldn't process the calories as efficiently, thus leading to storage as fat!

So proper macro-nutrient ratios are MORE critical than calories! Hands down!

Also, I would like to touch base on something I hear all the time on demo's and this totally is of food quality. The higher quality the food you are eating (so Organic, grass-fed, and properly prepared foods) the more nutrient dense they are.

Density is key here...when a food is more nutrient dense it actually contains a higher nutrient value per calorie!!! YES, more nutrients are packed in for every calorie!

This translates to eating less calories and getting MORE nutrients! Your hunger receptors are not just looking at calories...they are looking for critical nutrient content. Now, when the receptors have gotten enough nutrient content, they will signal the hunger sensors to say, "stop eating, we are good".

The HIGHER the quality of your food, the less you will need to consume to get the adaquate nutrients your body needs. This is why fast food is easy to eat so much of! People can eat 2-3 Big Macs because there is little to no nutrient value in them!

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