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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?


Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?
Pure Love is the answer! Discover how Pure Love can change your life and make you super attractive!

Definition of "Pure Love"- an over abundance of self-love that spontaneously flows out to others and continues to effortlessly replenish itself.

How is Pure Love Expressed?

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Pure Love can only be expressed through Love that has no filters and needs nothing in return. If love is expressed through fear, jealousy, scarcity or any type of need or expectation, it is not the true essence of love. It is a mere shadow of what it is meant to be. Pure Love can only be expressed through a clear channel.

How do I become a Clear Channel for Love?

Remember how old TV's use to lose their reception and get all fuzzy? You may have tried to watch your show through the fuzz, but after a short while, even your favorite show, couldn't hold your attention - or if you did manage to make it through the show, you found yourself to be terribly disappointed and maybe even feeling a little empty? Well, anything less than Pure Love is the same - it's like trying to communicate through a fuzzy channel for both the sender and receiver of that love.

Pure Love can only be experienced by the giver when it is expressed through a clear channel. Pure Love can only be fully received by a clear channel as well. When love is filtered through issues, love is distorted, fragmented and just a sliver of what it truly is - thereby not being love at all. Pure Love is always complete - if it is distorted, held back or conditional in any way, it is not Pure Love and just a facade of its true nature.

We distort and fragment love when we need something in return for our love. In other words, if we expect the one we love to love us back, fulfill our needs in any way, or we put him or her before ourselves, love becomes distorted and fragmented. This is truly the number one reason why many relationships start off so amazing and soon turn to shit. In the beginning love flows so freely from both lovers, but as soon as the lovers start identifying with each other to get their needs met, love suddenly becomes conditional and therefore stops flowing.

As soon as either person in the relationship starts looking to the other to fulfill their needs in any way an unspoken contract is created. In other words,If I love you, you must take care of me and meet my needs - and if you don't, then you don't really love me. If I believe you don't love me, then I will have to hold my love back from you in order to protect myself. In fact, if you don't act the way I think you should act, then I know you don't love me - so why should I continue to love you?

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It is easy to see that when one feels fearful that they are not loved and cared for, love becomes blocked and each person fights against themselves and each other. This is not Pure Love. Pure Love requires nothing in return - it simply flows because there is an endless abundance of love that flows out of self-love.

If Love is not growing, it is a clear indication that you are restricting it in some way - within yourself. Only through a perpetual "letting go" can love expand infinitely.

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