Thanksgiving for One: 12 Ways to Cope with "Eat Alone" Holidays


Thanksgiving for One: 12 Ways to Cope with "Eat Alone" Holidays
There are lots of creative options besides feeling lonely and stuffing yourself.

So, if you’re facing being alone and dining solo on the biggest family feast day of the year, what’s the answer to that “What to eat for Thanksgiving” question?”

1.  Get away?  Contrary to some “expert” advice saying ”never eat alone,” a little solitude and self-nurturing, including solo dining, could be just what the doctor ordered.  If you can manage it, maybe gifting yourself with a pampering weekend away could be a great recharge. If you can’t get away away, then consider treating yourself to a movie or just getting in the car and taking a ride to wherever it leads you.

Admittedly, no matter where you are, you can’t get away from yourself.  So, if you’re feeling funky at home alone on a holiday, you’re likely to feel that way wherever you are. But being alone doesn’t automatically have to equal loneliness and holiday depression. It’s up to you. Change it up and decide to make it a unique experience. 

2. Do something different, maybe something you’ve never considered before. Even in the food department. I remember one Thanksgiving working as a healthy chef at a resort spa frequented by Oprah Winfrey. I had to work and knew there was not going to be any turkey or stuffing or pumpkin pie on that menu.

I had just pulled the homemade whole wheat bread out of the oven and was chopping up a huge batch of fresh garlic. All of a sudden, I spontaneously sliced off a thick slab of that fresh, warm bread, slathered it with a generous swipe of melted butter, and spread a full 1/8th inch layer of finely minced garlic over the entire slice. No bar there either, but I did find a non-alcoholic beer in the cooler. Now, that was the most memorable Thanksgiving meal I ever ate!

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