Love Games: Make Him Want You Tonight, Part 2


Love Games: Make Him Want You Tonight, Part 2
There is nothing like mind games to put him in his place, reminding him of the vixen you still are.

In "Love Games, Part 1," I mentioned the various things a woman should consider in place of pouting to tear her man away from his video game. For instance, get dolled up and venture out.

I should mention that sometimes a man really needs his space. Allowing him to have his man-time will only make him miss you most cases. But if your man always needs alone time, or you’re suffering from ‘I need you to more spend time with me or else,’ then consider the following.


There are times when nothing you do can limit the pull of his game or his tv show. In that case, if he continues to play his video games, or decides to go hang out with his friends then play a love game. Don’t admit that you’re upset. If you are, hide it.

Smile, smile, smile. Knowing that you look your best, let him know that you’re going out...sans girlfriends. Then kiss him gently, deeply, passionately and leave him wanting more. Take your exit stage right because now he is absolutely curious that you failed to take the bait and b#@&* about him not joining you tonight. But remember this, he noticed you.

Although he said nothing he will be at home or with his friends, thinking about where you’re going. He will wonder who you will be with tonight, so let him. Let his mind wonder because too often, we women are the ones doing this.

Am I suggesting a covert affair here? No. I suggest keeping it simple. Tonight is all about you and what you enjoy. You’ve managed to flip the script, so test the waters. Venture outside of your neighborhood. Sometimes, simply trying something new…alone, may make you appreciate the rarity of your free time; it may help you gain further insight into your relationship and whether you’re content with it.

In addition, this free time may help you determine what you should change about your relationship, or what you should change about yourself. A little time alone to think can be a great thing. Not to mention, the brief absence may make him want you even more.

So even though your man will be playing games with his friends tonight, believe me, you will be on his mind too. Because he is trying to play it cool, keep your cell phone nearby for the texts sure to come with his hesitation because he will certainly be checking on you more frequently tonight. When he does, this isn’t the time to make him go crazy with anger and jealousy.

You already have the upper-hand, so answer his texts promptly, but keep it brief. The point of this exercise is to remind of him the strong-willed, sex goddess he first landed eyes on. Bring back the woman who aroused him long before you were ever caring for him and washing his dirty clothes.

By venturing to a mall, an art gallery, museum, a yogurt shop, theater, and so on, you’re playing it safe. Stay away from the bar scene, night club, or any other place where dim lighting and seductive music might lead to something scandalous. Again, tonight is not about that.

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