7 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Man

7 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Man [EXPERT]

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These questions can make or break your relationship.

Communication should be prominent in relationships. Sometimes, we tend to forget that the type of communication and how we address our concerns are just as important. In other words, there are things to keep in mind when talking to your man. So instead of focusing on the things you need to talk about, I thought I should point out the things women should never say to a man. 5 Truths About Long-Term Committed Relationships

1. Does your mom really need to stay with us while she visits? Some women have loving relationships with their in-laws or boyfriend's mother. But for those who don't, never diss mom! Ever! In your man's eyes she's as good as gold. One sure way to ruin any relationship is by talking about someone's mother, especially when it's your man's mom.

Most men unknowingly look for a woman with similar characteristics to their mother when choosing their future spouse. So putting down mom can be a touchy subject, especially if your man has a good relationship with her. Although you may not want her around, grit your teeth and smile. Chances are she's doing the same thing with you for her son's sake.

2. Um, are you there yet? Let's face it, there are times when you may feel this way. You've got plenty on your mind. You've got too many things to do and you're too distracted to be 100% in the moment with him. Even if you aren't there emotionally, yet alone, sexually try not to let him know it.

Obviously, this may not just bruise his ego, this could crush it altogether as you're clearly not into him or what he's doing for you. Anytime you let a man know that you're not into the lovin' he's giving you, you leave wounds that aren’t always easily reparable. Besides, when you really let go, you may actually find yourself enjoying the moment. So leave your thoughts behind, momentarily and get busy already!

3. Hey, are you in there yet? Damn! There aren't too many ways he could ever recover from that remark. Letting any man know that his package just isn't adequate enough for you will only increase tension among you two and I don't mean that in a good way.

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