Online Dating For Seniors : 5 Ways To Know It Will Be FUN!


Online Dating For Seniors : 5 Ways To Know It Will Be FUN!
Are you curious if Mr./Ms. Right is out there? Find out and have FUN while you're dating online.

Have you been curious about whether you are "too old" to start dating again? With all the online dating sites, from match and eharmony (where my son found his wife) to OKCupid and plentyoffish (both free), if nothing else, 1) check out those dating sites!    If you read the profiles of men (or women) you are looking for, you're very likely, within the first 10 that you read (of those whose photos you are attracted to) to find at least one that will raise your eyebrows or your heart rate.  And yes, it's a numbers game, just like applying for jobs or finding a perfect parking space. So you just circle the block (or the ads) till you find one you like.  How could it NOT be fun to do a treasure hunt for a partner!

2) Now that he has replied to your post or you have answered his, you get to meet in a place you enjoy going to.  You've talked on the phone long enough to be curious or intrigued about him.  For 20 min. to 2 hours, depending on your level of mutual interest, you'll explore your interests, your values, your life story, and what  you're looking for in a partner. You're likely to know whether he's a definite possibility or not.  There's nothing wrong with saying, "I'm glad we met. I don't think we're a match. I wish you well." And you've only taken enough time to feel clarity about pursuing it further or not.  It's a little bit like when you were a kid with your toy box.  You just keep pulling out toys till you find what you  want to play with now.  Ah, the fun of having many to choose from!


3) If time is tight, go to a speed dating event, where you can meet several in your desired age range in an hour or so. Or check out singles groups on, and attend events that will be fun whether Mr. Right is there or not. It could be paintballing, dancing, a concert, bowling, a hike, a book discussion--whatever is fun for and attend events that will be fun whether Mr. Right is there or not. It could be paintballing, dancing, a concert, bowling, a hike, a book discussion--whatever is fun for you.  Keeping in the game will ensure that you don't give up too soon. And when you focus on what you want (instead of what you don't want)  guess what!  You're much more likely to bring that into your life.  How cool is that!

4) Talk to your friends.  Visit local senior centers.  Google "senior events' + your city.  Plan like you might for a foreign vacation.  Build up your anticipation.  When I take a trip, I enjoy it months before I go, planning all the fun things to enjoy.  And when I get there, I don't moan about the bus I missed or the rain at the beach. I just look around for all the new things to see and do.  So while you're on the hunt for a man, see it as you might see a foreign adventure--always something or someone new, and what a lot of great memories and stories you'll collect. Always something to look forward to. How can you beat that! Keep Reading...

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