How To Make Him Addicted To You Using Goddess Energy


How To Make Him Addicted To You Using Goddess Energy
Goddess energy has nothing to do with looks, smarts or sense of humor... It's all about emotion.

Are you a goddess? No, really, are you?  Before you make a definite decision one way or the other, let me explain what I feel are the qualities that a woman with goddess energy embodies.

First, let me say that having goddess energy to make him addicted to you is NOT about your appearance, your sense of humor, your level of intelligence or your bank account.  Yes, it’s important to take care of your looks, laugh at life and work on improving your knowledge of various subjects; however, goddess energy is more about emotion.


Goddess Energy Isn’t About Surface Qualities

When you focus all your energy on looking a certain way or trying to impress a man (“Hey look how pretty, smart, fun and sweet I am!”) you aren’t deepening the connection you share with him.

Think about goddess energy like a handbag.  Yes, you can go out and buy a fake Gucci on Canal Street or in Santee Alley in downtown Los Angeles, but how long is that bag going to survive?  Sure it looks great and you paid less for it but that bag is hardly worth much. 

When you focus on the surface things, you end up attracting men for a short while—for about as long as that fake Gucci purse is going to last you. 

Goddess Energy Is About Feeling Grounded

In order to have goddess energy, you have to have your feet and heart firmly planted in the ground.  That means that no matter WHAT a man is doing or not doing, you aren’t scared of losing him and being alone.

Of course it hurts when he pulls back or acts indifferent.  Of course you want to reach out to him.  But women with goddess energy feel those feelings, let those feelings pass through their hearts and continue to stay “sitting on their hands” and making choices from a dignified and self-loving place.

So instead of calling a drifting and disinterested man to “make sure he isn’t mad at you” or texting him “just to send a friendly 'hello'” or emailing him because you saw something online that he’d absolutely love and should know about-- embody GODDESS ENERGY and allow the impulse to pass.  

Goddesses don’t reach out to men who don’t reach out to them first.

How To Not Act On Impulse

Like I said, goddess energy is all about doing the opposite of acting impulsively and compulsively to “pull” a man toward you.  In order to stop these urges, you need to find a way to feel grounded in the earth and among the stars in the universe.

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Goddess Energy Is About Having An Open Heart

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