Co-parenting Through Divorce: Finding Strength Within


Co-parenting Through Divorce: Finding Strength Within
Learning about your anger in a divorce will help you be a better parent

As you go through your divorce, do you think you are acting out your unconscious hurts and anger on yourself and others, possibly your children?
What does it mean to you to parent through divorce? 
How does it feel to a child when he hears their parents are getting divorced?
If it's hard for you, think about how your children feel.  Here's some kids talking about their feelings about divorce from Oprah's site.  
For most people, divorce has big losses on personal and financial levels, and feels painful, stressful, disorienting and very very sad. To paraphrase what many people say to me in my practice:  “I feel like I have lessened who I am, lessened my sense of self.”** 
And to have those feelings of shame, guilt, anger, depression, blame, relief; a very potent mix, all balled up together.
You wonder, what happened to all the emotional support, the good times, that great connection?  That great sex?
You wonder, was it me, what else could I have done? Was it both of us? And there's that mix of sadness, anger and fear welling up as you watch your finances and home get divied up. Ugh.
It's normal to have a lot of confusing feelings all wrapped up inside.
Sometimes, you're literally immobilized or knocked off your feet by the intensity. 
And of course, you still have the rational and good feelings as well. Good feelings of self-respect, motivation, hope, clarity, maturity. And you are slowly doing the difficult work of reflection, self-healing and redefining the self. 
But then you think, what's up with this?
You wonder, can all these feelings be from this divorce, from this person?
Or are some of the strong feelings arising from past hurts, not just from the present?

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