How To Improve Communication Skills In Conflicts


5 quick and easy tips that will help you become a better communicator during conflicts.

How can we transform the conflicts in our communication and create the conciliation? Here are five things you need to know to transform your communication modalities in your brain.

1. Synchronicity of Brain in Different Modalities – The first thing to understand is that we all have been conditioned in a different way about how we relate the different words in the communication. Once the brain has been wired in such a way that it cannot relate to the words of another person and the conflicts and misunderstanding gets started.

This doesn't need to be the end of the world. It is just getting the hang of it and how we can fine tune the synchronicity in the use of words, which can be reflected in a balanced way in the different modalities such as kinaesthetic, auditory, visual and auditory internal dialogue.  And it is in our upbringing that how we are conditioned.

2. Iron Out the Misunderstanding - Through a very simple test we can establish how you are using your brain in communication. Anyone can do this test either when you have a partner or when you are in a business within a group. Hence it will be a breeze to iron out the misunderstanding in communication. And the conflicts created as a result of this can be ironed out in no time.

3. Frustration – Whether in a relationship or in a group, a lot of frustration has been bottled up sometime. Until we realize that this emotion holds certain feelings such as disappointment, dissatisfaction, unfulfilled, those emotions have been pushed us to the next steps which are boredom, anxiety and depression. Keep reading...

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