5 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Online Dating Profile


 5 Mistakes You’re Making on Your Online Dating Profile
Improve your dating profile and attract more admirers by focusing on these 5 things

So you’re staring at the blank screen, the white space is almost blinding and the sweat drips down your forehead as you struggle with a bad case of writer’s block. Writing an online dating profile is not easy and most people have the same difficulty. There is no exact science to writing the perfect profile but a good starting point can be looking at what not to write. Here are 5 mistakes that you’re making when creating your dating profile:

1) Too many demands – I know ladies, you’re fed up of dating jerks, you’ve had your fair share of frogs and toads and it’s about time you met your prince. And this prince has to be tall, blonde, blue-eyed, with his own thick head of hair, athletic, caring, a dog-lover, a child-lover, willing to hang out with your parents every weekend, God-fearing, shopping-bag-carrying… okay, surely you get the point now? It’s good to have a clear idea of what you want but when a man sees a profile with such a long list, sometimes even Mr Perfect may feel he doesn’t somehow measure up. Or, he may just think you’re way too picky and move on to the next. Don’t scare any potential suitors away with overzealous lists. Keep your requirements short, pick only three of the most important qualities to focus on and make sure that 80-90% of your profile is all about you and not about him.


2) Too many useless adjectives – I can’t even tell you how many profiles I’ve seen that use the same boring and pretty useless adjectives. ‘I’m caring’, ‘I have a sense of humor’, ‘I’m confident’, ‘I’m loving’. These words mean absolutely nothing on their own. Heard about Internet fraudsters? Well, they’re probably using the same words! Every adjective should be supported by a little story about yourself or an example. How are you caring? What type of humor do you have? What’s the bravest thing you’ve done? How do you express your love? The truth is, you’re not a list of adjectives – you’re a person, with a personality and a life full of experiences that make you who you are. Share a few.

3) Too few pictures – One pet hate that many men and women have is when you don’t have enough photos. Even worse is when the photos of you aren’t clear, offer only a side shot, are blurry, show you from afar or show you with a camera flash that makes you look like you’re emitting light. Use a variety of photos that show your face and body clearly so your admirers know exactly what they’re getting.

4) Little to No Info – it’s okay to want to maintain mystery or to be a little bit private but an empty profile is almost unforgivable. Most people want a little sign that they’ll be compatible with you. Even if you just write a little witty line or pose a riddle, it’ll still be a lot more interesting than a blank space or a boring line that looks like, “I’m fun, caring and looking for love. Get in touch.”

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