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As a young child in a concentration camp, I became aware early and quickly how abusive and damaging people can be.  I wanted to do the opposite -- to be kind and caring and helpful.  As a nursery school teacher, I saw how emotionally problemed children could be at the tender age of three.  These experiences propelled me to a Masters in Early Childhood, a Masters in Social Work and a Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with a speciality in working with children and adolescents.  In the thirty years that I have been practicing I have learned many things.  One of the most important lessons is how vital parenting is in determining, not only the critical quality of a child's own life, but the impact it has on the lives of those he meets and the effect on the society of which he is a member.  My passionate mission is to encourage people to understand the necessity for good parenting and to help them acquire the knowledge, skills and insights that lead to that outcome.

Miriam Kove

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Myths & Madness

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Miriam Kove

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