6 Sure-Fire Ways To Stay Single Forever


6 Sure-Fire Ways To Stay Single Forever [EXPERT]
Nobody wants to be lonely.
Do you attract all the wrong men? Break these bad habits and see the difference!

You meet someone who seems so great ... and then, something happens: You find out he is completely wrong for you. This has been happening for many years, and you're sick of it, right? Well, it might just be that you're attracting the wrong men.

Understanding why you attract the wrong type of guys can help you attract the right ones. So, here are six common things women do to attract the wrong kinds of guys. Stop doing them, and you're bound to meet someone better.

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1. Pretend to be someone you aren't. While you want to make a good first impression, you don't want to falsify yourself. When you give off the wrong you, the wrong guy will be attracted to you. When you meet someone by being yourself, you'll be able to gauge right away if the person likes you for you, and if you like him for him.

2. Ignore red flags. In hindsight, you can probably identify problems with each wrong guy you ended up tossing to the side. Use this hindsight information for future guys, so you can move on much faster. The process of dating is weeding through the ones that aren't good for you to find the ones that are, so don't ignore the warning signs in the beginning!

3. Put up with too much too soon. Everyone has personality traits that annoy others, but some people have many that irritate people immensely. If you are one of those people who is incredibly annoyed by the new guy in your life, don't put up with it. All you'll do is waste time and regret that you didn't move on sooner when that person's annoyances become unbearable.

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4. Hush your gut. Your gut instinct is much smarter than you believe. If you think back to some of the bad guys in your life, how many times did you feel like something was off with them from the start? Well, that should have been your sign to get out. Start to listen to yourself more. Your gut knows who you really want in your life, and it will help you find him if you let it.

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