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Getting Up, Getting Over, Getting On: A Twelve Step Guide to Divorce Recovery

For 20 million Americans the long process of healing after devastation of divorce began with a single step. Most found their way alone, making mistakes and trying to reinvent their lives through trial and error. Now, borrowing the wisdom gained in the development of 12 Steps Programs, Getting Up, Getting Over, Getting On offers learned and proven support. Author ...

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Daily Meditations: For Surviving a Breakup, Separation or Divorce

WHEN WE SUFFER THE LOSS OF A RELATIONSHIP, we may feel as if our whole world is crumbling. We may believe we will never feel whole again. It's difficult to adjust to life alone, and to find the strength to go on, recover and rebuild. The good news is that it is possible. Separation from a loved one or a divorce, while difficult, also present opportunities for ...

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Healing You, Healing Me: A Divorce Group Leader's Guide

There is little doubt about the benefit of support while experiencing loss of any kind be it a spouse, a child, health or giving up a behavior. This is particularly true of divorce because loss occurs on many levels. Belonging to a divorce support group helps participants find ways to cope and helps to fill the void caused by the loss. Healing You, Healing Me ...

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PARENTING THROUGH DIVORCE SERIES: Protecting the Kids, Article1.

Managing kids lives who live between two homes

Creating Successfully Blended Families

Creating Successfully Blended Families

12 points to consider and discuss as you think about blending your families

How To Get Through Your Divorce Without Hating Your Ex (Really!)

How To Get Through Your Divorce Without Hating Your Ex (Really!)

Divorces are hard enough without all the ex drama. Learn to rise above it.

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Enjoy The Holidays Despite A Breakup, Separation Or Divorce

It may not be your best holiday season, but it can still be a happy holiday.

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Divorce & Valentines Day

Being open to all kinds of love this week

Micki McWade

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