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10 Tips for Meeting Your Match at the Gym

The New Year is upon us and with it comes New Years resolutions. More people frequent the gym in January than during any other month. Here are 10 tips for singles who will be hitting the gym in January: 1. Don’t wear earphones. If you tune in to music on your ipod or watch TV while on the ...

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10 Tips For Finding Love In the New Year

I get excited to sit down and write my New Year’s resolutions. I put on cozy pajamas, light a fire, pour myself a glass of red wine and open my laptop. Before I start typing, I take a deep breath, close my eyes and breathe – an important pause because this is the moment of truth. This is when I look ...

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Do You Intimidate Men?

As a matchmaker and dating coach in Washington, DC, a town full of sharp, successful, powerful women, I often hear the line, “Men are intimated by me”.  When I hear this, I listen patiently and ...

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12 Common Online Dating Mistakes

If you’ve tried online dating and ended up frustrated, emotionally drained and feeling like you wasted your time, you’ve probably made some very common mistakes. Avoid these 12 online dating don’ts, and you’ll have a much better experience the next time around. 1. Don’t Use a ...

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10 Tips for Meeting Your Match at the Gym

What are your chances of finding love at the gym? These 10 tips will increase your odds.

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10 Tips For Finding Love In the New Year

Are you ready to meet someone special this year?


Do You Intimidate Men?

If you think your confidence, success and independence intimidate men, think again.

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12 Common Online Dating Mistakes

Are you fed up with online dating? Stop making these 12 mistakes and start getting better results.

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