Log On To Get Down: 8 Celebs Who've Tried Online Dating


Online Dating: 8 Male Celebrities Who Have Tried Online Dating
Even the rich and famous have a hard time meeting women.

Looking for a girlfriend is something that everyone does; yes, even celebrities. In fact, several of the rich and famous have recently admitted to trying online dating (and, no doubt, several more refuse to admit it). Whether these reports are true or exaggerated by the media — I'm looking at you, Fox News — remains to be seen. But, it appears that many celebrities aren't above looking online for love.

In fact, here are eight well known celebs who have been logging on in hopes of getting down:

  1. Charlie Sheen: Before Charlie Sheen was looking for a job, he was looking for a girlfriend. Fresh off his very public divorce from Denise Richards, he allegedly joined millionairematch.com, an online site that helps people meet millionaires (and billionaires). It caters to celebs, sports personalities, models, and business executives. Rumor has it that Charlie was only on the site for a few months, so I guess he wasn't "winning."
  2. Matthew Perry: While he married Monica on Friends, in real life, Mathew Perry may have been looking for a girlfriend on richsoulmate.com, a site that — like millionairematch.com — aims to pair people up with the famous, CEOs, heirs, or people who simply have enough cash to buy an entire town (not that they should….just ask Kim Basinger).
  3. Luke Greenfield: The producer behind the Paul Rudd movie Role Models, as well as the director of several other flicks, Luke Greenfield was once looking for a girlfriend on Jdate.com. Who knows, he might still be.
  4. Orlando Bloom: Though not technically a dating site, Bloom has admitted in the past to looking for a girlfriend through Facebook. Of course, celebrities have a hard time knowing if someone is dating them for their self or their fame — or their friendship with Johnny Depp — so Bloom used a friend's Facebook account, rather than his own.
  5. Chase Crawford: In present day, Chase Crawford may find himself surrounded by some of the world's hottest women, but before Gossip Girl made him a nearly household name, he was looking for a girlfriend online. He even admits to considering a profile on JDate.com, despite not actually being Jewish.  In 2010, he told a UK magazine, "I have a bunch of different accounts that no one even knows about." Surprisingly, no online site has yet to use that as their slogan.
  6. River Cuomo: The lead singer of Wheezer told Rolling Stone that he tried online dating in 2005, or at least tried to try it. When he got an email saying he had no matches, he gave up. Since then, he has gotten married…so at least he found someone to pull his string as they walk away.
  7. Ashton Kutcher: As anyone who follows celebrity news knows, Ashton Kutcher is now engaged to his That 70's Show co-star Mila Kunis (with a baby on the way). But, before those two bought the laces for the knot they're planning on tying, he tried Tinder, a dating app that facilitates communication between mutual interested parties using location based services.
  8. Eric Stonestreet: Eric Stonestreet may play a gay man on television, but in real life, he's a straight guy looking for a girlfriend. Like Kutcher, he has also used Tinder to do just that. He even told David Letterman that he'd been on a few dates and added that he was trying online dating because of the difficulty of meeting people.

Guess it turns out that it's true what they say: celebrities really are just like us…aside from the whole rich and famous thing.

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