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Why Crying Over Your Breakup Is Good For Your (Mental) Health

As a therapist, I have sat with many people recovering from a breakup. I have been able to witness the subtle shifts as a life is put back together, even when people have no idea how to move forward. For many people I see three distinct phases in this process, each important, each challenging in its own way. ...

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5 Ways To Encourage Better Body Image Within Your Family

They say children are like sponges and imitate what their parents do and say. This can be cute but it can also become a problem, especially if what they are imitating is body-shaming and negative self-talk about food. This is not effective and can often cause negative side-effects for your children and family. ...

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Is Your Boring Sex Life Ruining Your Marriage?

Differences in sex drives, a low libido or bedroom boredom aren't just bummers... they can threaten your marriage! We asked relationship experts Dr. Michael Aaron, Melissa Fritchle and ...

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Best Sex You Ever Had

A common confession/concern that people share with me at public talks, usually talking in a hushed voice, is this, “I had the most amazing lover but for various reasons we broke up. How do I enjoy sex now after being with someone so good? I feel like the best sex of my life is behind me”. I have a ...

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Are You The Mistress? 4 Questions To Ask Yourself Now

The mistress role in the affair triangle is often either vilified as an unfeeling predator or overly sexualized as an irresistible temptress, but for the many women out there who have been the mistress, it is a complex, personal, and often difficult position. The messages we get about love focus so much on ...

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Melissa Fritchle

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Articles by Melissa Fritchle
Breakup: The Stages Of Grief Following A Breakup & How To Move On

Why Crying Over Your Breakup Is Good For Your (Mental) Health

It seems unlikely now but you really will move on and get over your ex.

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5 Ways To Encourage Better Body Image Within Your Family

5 fun ways to make your home and family body-positive in the face of challenging social messages.

Sex Educator: Hot Sex Life In Your Marriage

Is Your Boring Sex Life Ruining Your Marriage?

Are you making time for a sexier marriage?


Best Sex You Ever Had

Longing for a lover from the past? Expert lets you in on the secret to having the sex you want now.

Infidelity: Are You The Mistress? 4 Question To Ask Yourself Now

Are You The Mistress? 4 Questions To Ask Yourself Now

The "other woman" is often vilified and sexualized — but rarely understood.

Melissa Fritchle

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