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Pick Up Lines For The Shy Girl

Pick Up Lines For The Shy Girl

For a typically shy girl, it may be hard to pick up men.

Read this article if you are shy but still want to pick up men.

For a typically shy girl, it may be hard to pick up men. But, I have compiled a list of pick up lines that have worked wonders for my clients. You can try them as is, or create different versions.

1. I couldn’t help but notice that tie you’re wearing; it really brings out the color of your eyes.

2. The leather on your briefcase is really magnificent. You have great taste.

3. Is that your cell phone ringing or mine?

4. What kind of wine are you drinking? It looks luscious.

5. Have you ever been to a place this loud (add other descriptive adjective here) before?

These pick up lines draw him and show him how confident you are. Just make sure to keep steady eye contact so he can see how interested you are. Men love compliments, so you can never fail with pointing out something fantastic about a man.


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