Maryanna Bock - Counselor/Therapist, Life Coach, Pastoral Counselor, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Social Worker, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach - West Bath, ME
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Articles by Maryanna Bock
Jump For Joy

The Experience Of Consciousness

This morning soon after I awakened, I was experiencing my consciousness. It felt like what ...

Jump For Joy

Rediscovering Divine Love

Find serenity with a divine connection.

Sand Heart

10 Steps Toward Inner Peace And Conflict Resolution

In a world of conflict, the best resolution may be within yourself.

Staying Dry

Living In The Light Of Our Soul

Let go of the negative and find your true self.

Om Girl

A Humbling Insight

Achieving spiritual guidance through meditation.

Maryanna Bock

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Anxiety Issues, Communication Problems, Empowering Women, Health/Wellness, Life Transitions, Other, Parenting, Spiritual