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569 Berrys Mill Rd.
West Bath, ME
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"When we experience directly who we are, from this core knowing we are prepared for everything, including the unkown."

About Me

Hi! I am Maryanna Bock, a life coach, counselor, workshop and retreat facilitator, spiritual fine artist, and some say ‘wise woman.’ Some things I would love to share with you that I have learned in my life are:

• Love is what you are here for. The Source of that Love within You.
• From this inner anchor of Self-love, naturally you attract the love you deserve and reap the reward of a joyful, peaceful, balanced life.
• Your first responsibility is your own fulfillment. This task is the most important task in life.  It cannot be delegated.
• You deserve the supportive expertise that sees your innate potential; guides you to experience Love of Your Self and receive what you truly desire.

I offer Guide Service for the Soul. Sometimes life can feel like a wilderness, in which we have lost our way. The key I offer is a failsafe experience of your Real Self – experiential Self Knowledge (not thoughts, opinions or concepts).  Once you recognize, experience and know how to find this place inside yourself, you will never feel lost again.

One client described it this way, “I have found an inner core of my true self to return to that I never had before – a really truthful place that is very me. I can go ‘home’ to this ‘place’ inside of myself wherever I am.”

Whatever your ‘issue,’ this core experience of inner You is the powerful anchor from which to proceed in life. Issues that might take years of traditional therapy often begin to evaporate in the Presence of this anchored experience of your Real Self. The Light of your Soul shines out into your life revealing the solution.  When You are Known to you, You create the life you want.

As a coach I embody and transmit the skills and tools I share. At the end of coaching sessions or group circles, folks usually notice that they experience a positive shift in their own energy and perception.  By this energetic transmission you are empowered to attract your own personal objectives aligned with your Soul.

I would love to Empower You, particularly during life transitions, great or small, by sharing guided experiences that:

• Point you to the Experience of Your True Self and the Spiritual Guidance within You.
• Provide you with Skills that Empower You to Transform Your Life to align with your Soul.
• Bring Love, Peace of Mind, Clarity and Joy to Your experience of Life.

To learn more about me:
• Visit my websites: www.light (my services); (my spiritual art).
• Sign up for my ezine, Earth Circle Love Notes to receive notices of what I offer and insights I share on it.

Let’s connect soon. Call me 207 443-7001 or email me at   Let's find a time for a complimentary session to see if we are a 'fit', or not.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I love the work that I have been guided to do.  It is a profound privilege to witness people access their own inner spiritual core and grow in the love, power and joy of being their true self.

How I got here evolved naturally in my life.  I began as an artist. As I taught classes in painting in alignment color energies of the spectrum, students began to heal aspects of themselves. Therapists began referring people to my classes and eventually referring individuals directly to me for theapy.

At that point, I went back to grad school to get professional trained.  In the process I learned that I intuitively was already doing 'therapy.'  It has naturally evolved and continues to evolve as I listen intently to the inner wisdom in each client and respond from the inner wisdom within me.

Success Stories

Maryanna Gives Me Exactly What I Need at Exactly the Right Time

I have found an inner core of my true self to return to that I never had before – a really truthful place that is very me. I can go ‘home’ to this ‘place’ inside of myself wherever I am.

She gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time. She keeps right with me at my pace, which is awesome. She has such a loving nature, very human, grounded; always bringing it back to reality. Her listening brings me to where I need to be.”

-Tania, Administrator,

Portland, ME

Maryanna Has a Huge Compassionate Stillness and Presence

Maryanna has a huge compassionate stillness and presence – like a deep well. Working together I am able drop into myself and discover new depths of who I am.  She unwaveringly holds the space for me to do so, and provides insights that show me what is so true, yet I had not given myself permission to believe. Now in my work, I come from a place of greater knowingness and confidence. I am able to share this empowered place with others, which helps to empower them. My clients are more satisfied and enthusiastic with the work that I’m providing, and are seeing greater results. Thank you Maryanna.

-Alex Jaccaci, President and Founder

Growth Curve Associates,

Thetford, VT.

Maryanna is Completly Real

“Maryanna is completely real, in touch with what matters to people and in the world, and is impeccable in what she does.”

-Susan, Business Consultant, UK

Maryanna Lives and Transmits What She Coaches

What a buzz talking to Maryanna. I thoroughly enjoy it. I always love how present Maryanna is and how much she listens and how much she hears. She lives what she coaches so I am able to shift to her resonance and gain a larger perspective. It feels instantaneous at times.

-Shivany, Yoga Instructor,

Canberra, Australia

Main SpecialtyEmpowering Women
Life Transitions
CredentialsLCSW, Med
Time in Practice25 years +
I practice inAll areas, please inquire
Additional ExpertiseLife Coach
Pastoral Counselor
Personal Development Coach
Relationship Coach
Social Worker
Spiritual Coach
I offer my servicesAt my office
By Email
Via Skype
Other, please inquire
I am fluent inEnglish
Licence informationExpiration 1/31/15
Number LC5082
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