Walking Down The Doorway To Love


Walking Down The Doorway To Love
Let yourself love completely and fully.

Once, I stood for the first time before a man, who some people called Master. I had heard many impressive stories about him and I expected a big experience from being near him. I got it— as the stunning reverse of what I had imagined.  

I experienced a truly humble person for the first time, ever.  There was no pretense in him of being bigger than or less than anything or anyone.

I experienced him impeccably as the God Created self. He was simple, kind, unrestrained and poured forth unconditional love. The times I have been in the presence of that purity have changed me at my core. Those moments have given me the vision and clear intention of awakening to that same love inside of myself. 

Now, as I glimpse moments of that love, I notice that it is the pretenses, the stories that I am less than or more than someone or something, that keep me from that divine flow of love. 

When I let divine love in, I let go of all comparisons and surrender to the perfection that is now. It is my ideas and feelings of being bigger than or smaller than, that keep me from lovingly, and peacefully being the me God is creating. For me, it has become both that simple and that difficult.

This article was originally published at http://lightcoach.com/. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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